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    Plugin category: Fun

    Minecraft version: 1.8.9

    Suggested name: HousePlus

    What I want:
    **This plugin would require world & vault edit to work

    I would like a plugin that allows players to rent houses for a certain period of time. These houses can be renewed at any time to add days.

    For Admins:
    The Admin would do //wand, and select the entire house, then do /house create {name}. Then they would go into the house and pick a spawn location and do /house sethome {name}. Then they would place a sign(doesn't matter where) That would follow the following format
    {time(uses s = seconds m = minutes h = hours d = days w = weeks)}
    1 w
    Now players can right click the sign to rent the house for 1 week for $1000,
    For Players
    Players with the permission house.basic are allowed to right click signs to buy a house. They can buy a certian number of houses based on permissions(house.basic.ammount.#). When a player owns a house they can do /home. If they own multiple houses they must do /home {name}. Any doors, chests, and trapped chests inside of a house can only be used by the owner of that house. A player can do /house time to see how much longer there house is rented for. To extend the time of there house players must do /house extend(or /house extend {name} if they have more than one).

    Ideas for commands: No commands needed for this plugin.
    /house create {name}, /house sethome {name}, /home {name}, /house time {name}, /house extend {name}
    Ideas for permissions:
    Perm.iss.ion (open)

    house.admin (open)

    /house create {name}
    /house sethome {name}

    house.basic (open)

    /home {name}
    /house time {name}
    /house extend {name}

    When I'd like it by: ASAHP(as soon as humanly possible)

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  2. Um, there's one like this already made: areashop.

    Pretty much does everything you've listed.
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    can u set a /home with as?
  4. No, but I can make you a simple home plugin if you want?

    EDIT: removed URL as it did not work.
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    @Gosintary Author of AreaShop here, if a players rents/buys a region they can use '/as tp <region>' to get to their region. Or they can use '/as me', click a region in chat, click teleport. The default location is in the middle of the region, but players can change that using '/as settp'.

    If you have any other questions about it let me know.
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    If you really want the command to be /home, you can set an alias with a simple command alias plugin.
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    Ok, the only thing I dont like about areashops tp system is that you have to do /home {region} is there a way to make it if the user only have 1 area they dont need the {region} ?
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  9. @Gosintary You will be able to find simple alias plugins. Just search them up.
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    That does not answer my question. My question is
  11. you should suggest it on the AreaShop page. But it will interfere with Essentials if that was added.
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    Problem with the alias plugin, the command Im trying to alias is /as tp, but when I do /alias create home as tp, it makes an alias that is /home = /as, not /home = /as tp
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    Issue #39 on Github is a feature request for allowing '/as tp' without region, among some other changes to the command.

    Using commands.yml you can setup the '/home':
        - "areashop tp $1-"
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    I added that to the commands.yml, so now it said /as tp region sign, so the players have to do /home ghetto5?
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    Yes indeed, that is what the github issue is for to improve
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    ah ok
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