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    Plugin category: Chat

    Minecraft version: 1.8-1.12

    Suggested name: HoloChat/HologramChat

    What I want: I would like hologram chat to make it so in chat you can hover over someones name and it shows their balance or username ect. But it should be customizable with PlaceHolderAPI.

    Ideas for commands: No commands, just config would be fine.

    Ideas for permissions: hologram.use - Allows players to see the hologram.

    When I'd like it by: ASAP
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    I have started on it:[​IMG]

    Need to go to sleep now, and I have 4 lectures (starting at 8am nzt) and 1 test tomorrow (6-7pm) so won't get much done until the day after.

    Right now there isn't full support for things that add prefixes and suffixes to the chat but coloured names appear to be working with groupmanager & essentials chat.

    I now need to work on starting the integration with PlaceHolderAPI and customization (and the permission to see the hologram but that won't take very long to do)

    I don't know what Bukkit's policy is on links so I won't bother adding a link here to the file of it in its current state until I have done enough of the project for it to go on BukkitDev. :)
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    Ok! Thanks a lot!
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    timtower Moderator Moderator

    Dropbox and google drive links are pretty common here.
    Spigot links are also fine unless they are for paid plugins.
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    Currently using the name HoverChat as HoloChat is already being used by a plugin on BukkitDev and I don't want to cause confusion with plugin names.
    This is what the default config looks like so far, adding new lines to show up in the tooltip can be done by simply adding a new line in the same format.

    What the tooltip looks like with default settings (open)
    Reminder when setting the plugin up (open)

    • You need PlaceholderAPI installed
    • You need to install the PlaceholderAPI Expansion for each group of placeholders that you want to use
    Standard Placeholders - Plugin Placeholders Pg1 - Plugin Placeholders Pg2
    Commands for PlaceholdersAPI: (The one you need to install expansions is /papi ecloud download <expansion name> )

    This won't be compatible with most plugins that modify the chat unless they use PlaceholderAPI (e.g. adding prefixes and suffixes.)

    Current permissions:

    Current Configuration System:
    • Allows you to completely customize what is shown before the message allowing you to position the users name where you want.
    • Allows you to choose whether to display their username, displayname or nickname (if using something like essentials chat)
    • Seems a little messy, I'll probably break it down into 3 parts; prefix, name and suffix
    This would change the config into something like this:
    prefix: "[%placeholder_used_for_rank_etc%] <"
    name: "%placeholder_used_for_name_or_nickname%"
    suffix: "> [%placeholder_used_for_title_etc%]"
    I will probably also add a command to reload the config without reloading every plugin (like /reload does).

    HMU with:
    • Name of the plugin (if you want it changed from HoverChat)
    • If you think I should change the config system
    • Anything else you want
    Guess I probably need to post this here until I create a BukkitDev page:
    This plugin is licensed under the GNU GPLv3 license and uses mkremins's fanciful library licensed under MIT license. License details under links.
    GitHub - Downloads - License
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    Hi! This is an amazing plugin! It works perfectly except for 1 thing I would also like. It is that I have a plugin called deluxe tags and the code is {deluxetags_tag} in the essentials chat format so is it possible to add it so the tags actually work? Thanks!

    Scratch that I figued it Out :D Thanks you so much!

    Hi! So I just found out for staff chat, when you use the plugin it says chat in global and staffchat but it is only supposed to be in staffchat, same for skyblock chat aswell. Also, when you type more than 1 line and you have chatcolor on, it changes it back to white. Could you please fix that?

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    Hi, sorry for the late reply, I've been a fair bit busy with uni.

    I looked through deluxe tags, and under the configuration section it lists the placeholders that the plugin has. To use this you need to enter the command to install the extension /papi ecloud download DeluxeTags

    The way Placeholder API works is that in order to keep it running fast, the placeholders aren't included in the plugin, meaning you need to install the placeholders you want.

    Placeholders for DeluxeTags (open)

    • %deluxetags_tag%
    • %deluxetags_identifier%
    • %deluxetags_description%
    • %deluxetags_amount%

    I think I've found what's causing the chat color to change back to white after a line. I've started working on that and I'll see what's happening with staff chat when I've done that.


    Details (open)
    The normal chat color codes don't appear to go over 1 line when using JSON messages, reapplying chat color codes before each word doesn't work if a word gets split up (1 part on 1 line, another part on another line). So I have to write something that takes the chat character codes
    And turns them into a JSON format.

    Edit2: Done with the color codes bit and it should now work with StaffChat, file here.
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    Hi! So StaffChat dosent work with Chatcolor on but if its off staff chat works fine. Is there a way to fix that? It is only when I enable this plugin.
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    Hi, can you clarify what you mean by Chatcolor being on or off, do you mean if you use chat color in your messages, or is it an option/config for a plugin?

    There are also quite a few plugins that go by the name StaffChat, would you be able to link me to the plugin pageof the one that you have on your server?
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