hMod equivalents (Player.isAdmin(), Colors, etc.)

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Isabaellchen, Jan 8, 2011.

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    Currently, porting my plugins to Bukkit is only stuck at the lack of a Player.isAdmin() method.
    I also have not found out how to set colors for chat messages yet, but that is just nice to have.

    Basically it all sums up in the set of missing or undocumented equivalents to hMod.
    This kind of documentation would be very nice too.
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    Well HMopds code is available right? And the bukkit team is the old hey0 team right?

    So isn't this sort of interface available? Have you looked at the bukkit source?
  3. There are no permissions yet, also just copy the colors class from hmod source if you want to, but you can just prefix with the numeric colour value
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    Your post is a bit confusing EvilSeph. Are you saying there will be no defined 'superuser' power, or that the superuser power will be granted to admin-defined groups?

    If it's the former, then what do you mean by 'the server admin set which group they decide should be an admin'?
    If it's the latter, then what do you mean by 'We probably will not have a Player.isAdmin() equivalent'?

    What's the point of defining who are admins if there is no API call to test if someone is an admin?
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    Ther will probably be a way to test if player is in group with admin/superuser privilages ...
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    Looks like I might just have to turn vMinecraft into an admin mod
    Sounds exciting
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    dark navi

    Groups ( I assume) wont have any significance other than the fact that a user is in them. You will have to designate your own groups that are "admins" in your plugin.
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    There will probably be Player.isGroupID(0) 0 being admin or the highest rank. Or maybe the lowest rank. I think that's what the bukkit team is doing, making ranks customizable but wth 'ID's
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    For what it's worth player.isOp seems to work - add yourself to the ops.txt file. As far as I can tell, it's the only form of "built-in" permissions in Bukkit (I think it's mcserver core functionality?)

    I completely appreciate the sentiment of wanting some unified systems. I find myself creating my own permissions system, and really hate that it means I'm "competing" with another system, and also that to make users happy I need to suppor that other system as well. :\
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    Admin is an abstract title is what EvilSeph is trying to say. Any group name can be capable of admin-like powers. So adding that kind of command would be pointless. Instead there will be a method to check how much power a player has based on the hierarchy of the group they belong to.

    For now, you can resort to Nijikokun's Permissions plugin to accomplish something similar to what you want, by checking if the player belongs to the Admins group.

    Chat colors are stored in org.bukkit.ChatColor, and can be used like so: System.out.println(ChatColor.RED + "Red");
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