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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by tapped, Oct 21, 2020.

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    I dont know how to hide the Absorption Hearts in my HealthBar. I just want t0 see the regular Hearts. How can i do this?

    Thanks for your Help.
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    That's handled client side. You can't do that from the server, unless you program it in some way that you handle the extra hearts as if they are there, without them actually being there through the absorbtion effect.
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    You could calculate how many hearts the absortion will give the player and change the effect to health boost(2 hearts per level) that way you can have them as normal hearts.Otherwise as Kars says this is client sided and can't do much about it
  4. @tapped I would use Kars' solution. Keep an integer (or whatever datatype fits your needs) of the amount of hearts they have, and then listen to the damage event, check if they have any absorption hearts, and calculate the amount of damage they should take.

    @Kars Let me know if i misunderstood what you meant. :p
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