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  1. Why can't we just spawn a EntityPlayer with the name of Herobrine. The client will be told that there is a player called "Herobrine" here. The skin for account "Herobrine" will be downloaded from minecraft.net by the client. Oviously, if the skin for account herobrine changes, the plugin will break. The plugin can be coded to tell the EntityPlayer what to do, such as place blocks, swing arms, look at player. Perhaps we could use the movement coding of a enderman? We can maake the plugin reconnise a configurable altar being build, and spawn a EntityPlayer nearby. I am sure this is possible to make a plugin like this without SpoutCraft server or clientside.
  2. For some reason, I wasn't tagged :p
    If you don't like those things, ask me to change them instead of complaining and not even bothering to notify me.

    V10lator is saying everything correctly. You can't just edit the client like that. And NPC AIs and path findings are just too complicated, buggy, and messy.
    That's an NPC, exactly from what we moved away from.
    1. Can't do that without client mods and NPCs just aren't worth the time and effort.
    2. I can change that, ask for god sakes.
    3. Okay, I can change that too.
    4. He did, and everybody complained about it. Your move.
    5. See number one.
    6. Umm, that's completely unrelated to the legends and you can't just "apply" another entities AI.
    7. See number four.
    8. For god sakes, there's an option right in configuration for that!
    9. See number 2.
    10. See number 3.
    11. See, the word "mysterious" means something else to everybody, I don't know your "mysterious".

    See what asking can do?
    • 4 of those were the same things.
    • 5 could just be solved by asking.
    • 1 could just be solved by reading the documentation.
    Mind if I reference this in the future? :p
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  3. No you don't, you give him the skin of the existing player: "Herobrine", he has the Herobrine skin.
  4. Yes it can, get your facts straight people!
  5. Read before you post...
  6. I read everything, Mr. Smartypants.
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    HOPELESS. This argument is amusing, and a little informing. XD
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    The reasons his attributes aren't what they were told as, is because you have to edit the chance of his "actions." If you go into the spout craft (default Herobrine plugin) you can see that there is a number of chance that allows him to do all of these things. you can also set true and falses to his abilities. Example,

    allow-fire trails: true
    Things like that can be edited. i dont know bout the skin though, i cant seem to find a plugin for a non zombie herobrine
  9. I was on a server and got "attacked" by a herobrine. I was mining and all the sudden it said
    The Dark Lord: Herobrine: I know all your secrets.
    and I was like "dafuq?" then, after mining a little more,
    The Dark Lord: Herobrine: I warned you.
    And I was freaked out.... And then it was
    The Dark Lord: Herobrine: You will not escape
    And then a player of a sort spawned next to me with "Herobrine" above their head and spawned Pigmen, Blazes, and Cave Spiders all through my mine. I have diamond armor and a sword so I did ok, but I finally died. And when I did,
    The Dark Lord: Herobrine: Muahhahaha
    And then all was normal.
    Here is a screenie of the herobrine player of a sort:
    Not 100% sure what plugin that was...
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    This thread = biggest facepalm ever.
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    Okay, I tried to read through all this, and found myself having to skim from all the stupidity of "YOU HAVE TO DO THIS! IT'S THE ONLY WAY! >:C"
    Honestly, thousands of people mod their minecraft client, I do it frequently. What is so hard about accepting that maybe more people are okay with modding their client than you think?

    Also, not everyone has the ability to use Spoutcraft. And some people like using their own mods ON TOP OF this mod. (Such as Optifine, NotEnoughItems, and other things that would only effect your own screen) instead of trying to finagle their way around something that isn't programmed the same way as the normal minecraft.jar, finding all sorts of incompatibilities and such.

    All I'm seeing here is a lot of people with their nose in the air with an inflated ego. :/
    It's like when someone is losing in a game, complaining about it, and all you do is say "Get better." without any helpful information about how to play better. That's just downright rude.

    Instead of telling everyone that there's no way around using Spoutcraft, why not try something more productive, maybe do some research, or maybe even seeing what you can do to help, rather than smack them down and tell them "NO! BAD!" :/

    I mean, honestly, what's so bad about client-sided mods?

    Just my two cents.
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    All of you saying "Wah wah its not possible without a client mod" are wrong. Totally wrong. No offense, but you are WRONG. You need to send a packet (Using CraftBukkit, not Bukkit API in a plugin), I think its Packet20NamedEntitySpawn and create the entity. You can change its name (Herobrine), and if its name is changed, it will have the skin it is registered on at Minecraft.net. Herobrine actually has its skin. You can cahnge its position, etc.

    This above quote is not all they ways to be solved, as I just said one.

    Dont say its not possible without knowing it isn't actually possible.
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    I used spoutcraft and herobrine did not appear.
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    It's possible but it would require alot of coding.

    BTW, anyone has any idea what plugin this is:

  16. Didn't we already establish on multiple forums here in the requests section that it cannot be done without spout?
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