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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by FuRiouSOne, Aug 17, 2012.

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    Hey guys, ever since 1.3.1 came out i have been seeing major lag spikes when pvp brawls break out on my prison server and i am at a lose as to what it is.

    Dedicated server specs:
    dual quad xeons L5420 2.4GHz 8 cores
    8GB RAM (3GB per MC server allocated)
    500GB 7200k HDD
    1GB uplink port

    Using Craftbukkit 2333 both servers currently
    Using McMyAdmin 2.0 server manager for both servers.

    PVP Prison server plugins:
    lugins (38): LagMeter, AntiDragonFountain, GroupManager, AutoDisc, Minequery, WorldEdit, BukkitCompat, SpamGuard, Enjin Minecraft Plugin, Vault, LogBlockQuestioner, MineReset, RankMarket, CombatTag, WorldGuard, TreeAssist, ecoCreature, TopPVP, BorderGuard, CasinoSlots, HeroicDeath, Permissions, Votifier, FalseBookCore, mcMMO, Essentials, MobCatcher, EssentialsProtect, EssentialsSpawn, FalseBookBlock, BlockHat, VanishNoPacket, LogBlock, LWC, ChestShop, EssentialsChat, Factions, SimpleRegionMarket

    I get NO errors on start up and all plugins are working as they should. The server uses about 5-20% cpu with 30-40 players online and about 1.3GB of ram. When a big brawl breaks out everyone complains about pvp lag and while in game i run /lag and /gc command to get TPS info and the server is running at 19-20TPS when everyone is complaining about this pvp lag.

    My PVE server never has an issue as there is no pvp, even when the pvp server starts to pvp lag i check the pve server and there is no block lag at all and TPS is at 20 on both servers.

    I have even monitored the bandwidth using netlimiter and both servers seem to be fine when this happens. Peaks of 500kbs upload and average of 100kbs upload on both servers.

    Again i have had this problem ever sense 1.3.1 came out and using all Bukkit dev and recommended builds and none of them seem to help with this pvp lag.

    Anyone mind giving advice?

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    PLEASE stop posting the same thing on EVERY thread, it is very annoying. Bukkit is a FREE and open source program that is maintained when the developers have time! If you want these bugs to be fixed, feel free to code it yourself, otherwise please stop complaining. And again, LANGUAGE!.
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    I am sure vanilla servers are having that lag also.
    You can try 2 things:
    CraftBukkit++ or Spigot v2
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    I just reported it. I was just about to say, it's very annoying.

    On topic: I can't really say, you're plugins look to be fine... But I would make sure they were up to date if I were you. WorldGuard causes a bit of lag too, so if you don't need it, I suggest removing it.
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    No way i could live without worldguard, not sure any server could?

    I have gone out and purchased a new server thinking old dedi was outdated and just old and still these major lag spikes happen on the brand new server, mostly when pvp occurs.

    New server:
    Intel Xeon X3430
    DRR3 RAM 8GB
    Minecraft running on SSD hard drive now
    Windows 2008 R2 and database running on its own drive

    Bukkit now has 2 TWO recommended builds for 1.3.1/2 both of which have not dealt with this lag issue i am constantly reading on all sites (Bukkit/++/spigot)

    As for the guy saying use ++/spigot i plan to give those a shot but ++ hasnt updated since bukkits first RC build and spigot users are still complaining about major TPS problems so i dont think there would be a point in using them just yet.

    Something within bukkit and or minecraft is horribly wrong. My prison server had 12 people online and the TPS dropped to 8TPS with 3 people fighting, LOL 8TPS with 12 online? Seriously? On SSD hard drive?

    1.2.5 and earlier my servers have NEVER seen the light of even 19TPS, always 20TPS as my average player count is normally 30 on prison server and 15 on pve server.
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    I used to never use WG until I started doing prison servers. So not every server needs it, there's plenty of other plugins out there. It must be a bug with 1.3 then bud. I lag, but not as bad as you do. I would try removing your plugins one by one until the lag stops though, then you'll know what's causing it all.
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    Found the problem!! TopPvP plugin was causing it. How on earth does a stat tracking plugin cause so much damage? Never thought it to be that plugin as it should of only dealt with kill stats not actual attack process.

    Still notice some tps lag but i guess thats normal for a new update.
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