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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by zack6849, Jul 4, 2012.

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    essentially, the idea for this plugin is to make it to where you type ./serverinfo it will print everything thats placed under serverinfo: in the yml.

    so instead of having to add more code for each and every line under that i wanted to make it to where annybody using the plugin can add custom lines.
    example config:
    i want it to load all this stuff without requiring modification to the plugins code.
    now for some reason, the plugin when i enter the command sends me no errors, gives no errors in the server prompt, and no errors in essentials. here is the coding for my plugin.
    =================================================== - changed to a pastie link. (indents didn't work in this)
    so if anyone has any idea why this isn't working it would be appreciated.
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    Most likely, you will get a NPE.

    1. for (String serverinfo : getConfig().getStringList("serverinfo")){
    2. Player player = (Player) sender;
    3. sender.sendMessage(serverinfo);
    4. return true;
    5. }

    I will recommend that you create a config like this :
      - server: TystoCraft
      - owner: Tystom3
      - host: Tystom3
      - admins: JMarkus
      - creeper: TNTUP
    In which serverinfo is a List and the strings on the lists are in the format blahblah:value

    Then when you are getting the values do this :

    1. List<String> serverinfo = getConfig().getStringList("serverinfo");
    2. try{
    3. for (String string : serverinfo) {
    4. player.sendMessage(string);
    5. }
    6. }catch (Exception x) {
    7. //error
    8. }
    9. return true;
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    You could create a list like this:
        - Server-TystoCraft
        - Owner-Tystom3
        - Host-Tystom3
    and then read string list and split like this:
    List<String> items = this.plugin.getConfig().getStringList("serverinfo");
                for (String s : items) {
                    String temp[] = s.split("-");
                    player.sendMessage(temp[0] + ": " + temp[1]);
    this will split the string in 2:
    using the server name:
    temp[0] will contain the server title (Server) and temp [1] will contain the the server name (TystoCraft). this will repeat for everything in the list printing it in the chat for the player
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    We both said the exact same thing xD
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    haha :p this is exactly what i implemented in my plugin for the rules and giving items to players
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