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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Mindlessmink, Jul 27, 2016.

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  1. Okay. About 1 hour ago I began coding my first plugin that I'm going to post on And It's sort of a customizable mini-Essentials plugin with a nice layout. So, I began coding it and here's what I got so far:


    /se - Main command to list help (Server Essentials plugin name)
    /seperms - View permissions for the plugin/
    /heal [player] - Heal yourself or other players with the permission se.heal
    /feed [player] - Feed yourself or other players with the permission se.feed
    /fly - Enables and Disabled fly mode
    /gm - If in GameMode Survival it makes you in Creative. If in Creative takes you to Survival.
    /check <player> - Shows you info about another player, last login, Ip, banned, etc.
    /clearchat or /cc - Clears global chat.
    /v or /vanish - Vanish from non-vanished players.
    /cmute - Mutes global chat, (Non ops cannot speak)
    /mute <player> - Mutes specified player
    /warn <player> [reason] - Warns Player with a reason, 3rd warn is a kick.

    And that's about it... I can't seem to find any more ideas for the plugin. Please leave suggestions below!
    It's basically a bunch of useful plugin put into one. Thanks for reading. Please don't leave too much advanced things as I am still a beginner at coding Bukkit API. Regards - Mink

    EDIT: Leave ideas that you've maybe wanted to be in a plugin before, Unique, Or just a cool idea!
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    Teleportation? /teleport <player> for instance
    /loc or /location with 0 or 1 parameter giving the player their current location on the map X,Y,Z
    Time and Weather changing commands
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    Doggy cannon. Sorry if it sounds too mych like /kittycannon. Also an API
  4. I have my own all-in-one plugin, in development. I got a lot of secrets, so you will just have to wait until the plugin is in BETA stage (200 builds from now)

    Here are some reccommendations that aren't secrets:

    + Kits

    + A load of for loops

    + Low-level API (just some classes, not a whole rewrite)

    + A ton of dank memes

    + No internal errors
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    Other than adding all the other commands from Essentials (totally not a ripoff), it would be cool if you could make some cool GUIs for the following:
    1. General commands. A GUI with item representations of all the commands in the plugin, maybe organized by category.
    2. A menu for making items with custom lore/display names. I find myself wanting that sometimes for creating custom maps.
    3. A TP menu with player heads representing all the players on the server. Obviously /vanish-ed players would not be on the list. A /tpa system would be good.
    4. (Admins only) A GUI to edit the plugin's config in-game. Would make many peoples lives just that much better.
    5. A GUI for makings GUIs. Then use it to make a GUI that opens the GUI for making GUIs. GUIception
  6. @Mindlessmink I didn't see that. Also, are you done with it then?
  7. Oh. I kinda stopped working on that project and moved on to something else.

    I should probably mark as solved :p

    Mostly my bad.
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