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    yo! ^^. im currently constructing an adventure map, ''amnesia - the dark descent'', due to the fact that there are so many people that lack the graphic cards to play it. now, this wont be the usual adventure map; id really want it to contain monsters which are triggered at certain times, flashbacks and so on. you could basicly say im trying to make the whole game into a simpler minecrafty way. this might sound wrong, im sorry, im just tryin to act abit formal, because im asking for some much needed help with modding this thing. there are many mods out here in bukkit, and i love it! but i need help moddifying these into a singleplayer adventure map, and in such a way that someone can just download the map and play. this might be asking too much though, but any modding help from someone who is decent at it would be much appreaciated!!! im already halfway through building the ''amnesia - the dark descent'' castle, and map, so i just thought id post this before im actually done.

    requirements for modding (maybe asking for too much, sorry :S)

    - being able to program npcs to spawn at a certain point in time, when an action is followed through (e.g opening a door)

    - being able to program customized sounds in maps, regions, and in actionstages (chases and so on)

    -be easy to work with ^^

    - and other things which i cant figure out at the moment ^^ (which i will post further on when i figure it out :p)

    if you love amnesia, are good at modding, and would be willing to help, it would mean so much to me. this has probably never been done before, so again, i might be asking for too much; but i know your out there! ^^.

    ''but will i get any credit?''

    are you kidding me?! ofcourse! youre the one whos putting the whole game together!!! :D!!

    thank you for your support! and thanks for givin this a read ^^ i really appreaciate it, and i know, this might not be the place to post this, but ive already posted a topic in minecraftforums, but there nobody is willing to help. i hope you can help me, whoever you are! :D

    cheers ^^

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