Help winrar no .jar help please!!

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by stfupls, May 17, 2012.

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    Hi guys i really need help i got this problem for a while now and its getting my really mad.
    Everytime if i download a plugin its winrar file that just works but if i download other thins like minecraft tools etc or other things its too a winrar map with yellow maps in it and not a .jar please! can anybody tell me how to make it a .jar i feel so bad :(

    Should love if somebody can help me with skype/teamviewer im not really smart at reading :p

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    cause your winrar is associated with jar files

    they r still jar files but they just display as winrar files

    if you wanna change it rightclick them and choose open with and in new window choose
    java and mark always open with that program
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    i need to go sleep now i speak u tomorrow but if i open with java it says unable to open this program or something
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    yea i know but after you choose always open with this program and you choose java

    all jar files should switch to java icon and if not you need to go to winrar options go to files extension or association and uncheck jar files

    like this

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    Sir i should love to come on skype cus i did deleted winrar and reinstalled and choosed the JAR before and i did restart my pc and its still a winrar file i did too open with java and got the message ''unable to open or something''

    please help me will help me alot out with problems

    EDIT: i did this and i download as .JAR it looked like a jar and i will open and then java starts and says unable to launch

    PLEASE help me with skype and teamviewer anybody pslpslpls!
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    add me
  7. What it opens with doesn't matter. I've set it to open with WinRAR too, but if I drag->drop it in the plugins folder it works just fine ;)
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    yeah i know but i dont want a plugin but a tool for minecraft need to be a .jar but its a rar idk how to fix
  9. You can always rightclick it, run as: Java executable.
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    still got the problem not fixed
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    Can anybody help me? omg :( i got so much problems with this i want it so bad fixed please any one help!

    skype/teamviewer? pls!
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    not fixed!!! help ofmgfogm
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    im not good with that o_o its like maths and i got for that always 6 or lower xD
    could u skype?
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    just follow the steps

    or search how to uninstal java completely cause that is your problem i think the 1 java which you couldnt remove from your programs is damaged if you uninstlall that than it should work just fine

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    if you run 32 bit computer
    1)search "jre6" on google(without the speech marks)
    2)download it in the normal file destination(this will override exiting files if u have any)
    now everything should work
    if the .jar file is a plugin

    anything u like to ask add me on skype
    i have a pic of naruto
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    i was on his pc this is not so simple
    i know your solution should work but it does not

    nothing works there
    he have 1 java which he cant uninstall via programs in control panel

    even if he 1st remove all java folders from program files
    this really look hardcore and i even find him a cleaner to remove java but after he remove it it come back

    so maybe you or someone else got other idea cause he and me searched google all over finding nothing that would help him
  18. real wow then he may need to install a fresh version of windows
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    i told him that but he say he gonna get new pc in few weeks so there is no sense in doing that
  20. lol every pc is worth it . has he though that maybe if he runs the sever on 1 computer then play minecraft on another
    it would be less laggy n use less ram >.>
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    he got good machine but problem is with java

    you see a difference between game lag and not even being able to launch the game ? cause he for sure have no lags
  22. y doesnt he launch the game with .exe ??

    wait nvm u cant play mc with out java

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  24. =.= my mistake
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