[HELP] What lighting Bug!

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by BrandonHopkins, Mar 11, 2012.

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    I'm trying to make my DynMap look descent and this water bug isn't helping. Any ideas on how to remove it.

    2012-03-11_10.09.52.png 2012-03-11_10.10.04.png map.PNG
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    Was the map generated on 1.2.2? I know this lighting problem was fixed in 1.2.3
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    Did you try to re-render one of those areas manually, like fly there and then do "/dynmap radiusrender 100", check for results? If you're on 1.2, this may just be a new bug that will be worked out soon (you may have to use Dynmap dev builds if you want it earlier though).

    Other than that, you should really post this on the Dynmap thread. Mike is extremely helpful and seems to read (and respond to) nearly every post.
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    This is an old post but it might still help others.
    The issue you have there is a lighting bug, but not Dynmap's, it is minecraft.
    You must have edited those areas by hand with World Edit or similar tool.
    When light touches the ground, and then you just fill the area back up with water to replace what got removed during your edit, the ground thinks it is still lit.
    Easy fix is to select a cuboid from 'bottom of the sea' to just sea level. ( i.e. you want a box from 62-water line, down to ground).
    Now replace all the water with something that is not around normally, like white wool. it is easy to see :)
    Wait for that to complete, then do the reverse. Replace all wool with water. Easy.
    To keep this from happening to you in the future, when your editing ocean, and the water needs to be filled in, use "moving water" ID 8. This will make the water fill in the lit gaps.
    Also, from a Dynmap stand point, as stated above, you need to rerender area, or set render in config to -blockfromto. It is under render triggers.
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