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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by wannezz, May 22, 2012.

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    Hello, I found my plugin WelcomeRulezz on a Korean website, he didn't ask me for permission.
    What should I do?
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    The fact he is distributing it, it is allowed by your license agreement so long as he complies with section 3. If he is not in compliance, then I would suggest you start by sending a friendly email informing him of his obligations, followed by an official notice for breach of license. Beyond that, you would have to hire an attorney in Korea and sue.
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    but there is one problem, I can't find a button to contact him. Maybe because I can't speak Korean...

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    yea go sue him im sure you win more money than you will need to put in chasing him

    but if you really dont care about that you will pay more than you will get than 1st step would be install skype and try to add korean ppl and pray they know english so they can translate for you

    or search some korean+english forums where koreans speaks in english

    i wish you luck
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    Paswaru is the administrative contact email for the domain. The home page of the site also has

    Your friendly letter should give them suggestions on how to be in compliance with the license, such as packaging the source code in the zip file, etc. Don't use Google translate or like services. Send it in English or pay to have it translated. Format it like a real letter, if they can't read English but it looks important there is a chance they will ask someone who can to read it.
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