[Help] Specs for Bukkit Server: Especially Graphic Card

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by KIPPIE408, Apr 9, 2013.

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    Hi. I am running a Bukkit server on my PC, But recently I am planning to move the server from this PC to a new machine.

    These are some information for my server:

    Server Info -
    Using Hamachi for server connect
    Using a router at home
    Download speed: 62.76 Mbps (checked at SpeedTest.net)
    Upload speed: 30.10 Mbps (same as DL speed)
    # of maximum users: 9-10
    Planned specs for new machine -
    CPU: Intel i5-3570
    OS : Windows Server 2012 x64 - obtained via DreamSpark
    RAM: 8-12GB
    HDD: 250-500GB, 1TB or more if possible and needed
    GPU: *** NOT DECIDED ***
    Yes, GPU (i.e. the graphic card) is the problem. I don't know how much powerful the GPU for server should be, so I couldn't decide which to choose. Does Bukkit need a high-level GPU, or does it just available with middle- or lower-level GPUs? How much data and operations does the machine take while Bukkit is running on it, and how much of them does the GPU take from Bukkit?
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    Uhm, I didn't even knew that a server needs a GPU at all. :confused: :p

    If you want to convert an old PC into a server, a really old / cheap graphics card should do the job. A server usually doesn't need to visualize programs and programs that can be accelerated by using a GPU for calculations are really really rare.

    Btw: "Using Hamachi for server connect" Doesn't sound very good in the ears of the community^^
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    You don't need a GPU for a server.
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    You don't need GPU for a server, but a nice fast processor is the way to go imo and you have that, although for a similar price you could get an 8 core AMD with the same clock speed :p

    as for Hamachi, I use that, for some reason I can never get my bro or my mate to connect to my server I run my PC without it, tried all sorts of fixes about it, had 3 different routers and 2 different ISP's during my tests lol.
    Gave up trying and just moved to Hamachi, made things easy
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    If I were him, I'd stick to the 3570 :p


    I echo the other responses, you don't need a GPU for a server, unless you plan on using a GUI like Windows.

    May I also suggest maybe ditching Hamachi? It's a lot easier to just type in the server IP into direct connect, then POOF! Done!
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    Not if the server is standing at his home. Then he would need to set up his router's port-settings and register for a service like DynDns.
  7. No, don't replace the i5-3570, it's a great CPU for your server and much better than any AMD processor. More cores is bad for Minecraft. Keep GHZ high and number of cores low for best result.

    As other have said, no need for a separate graphics card, your CPU has built in graphics, which is plenty enough for your server. http://ark.intel.com/products/65702
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    Fair point about the processor but I recently bought an FX 8320 for under £150 with the slightly more clock speed with more cores, but alas I don't have much experience with servers so your knowledge of this is prob better than mine :)
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    He doesn't have to get a dns record to run a minecraft server, what's wrong with numbers? :p

    Port forwarding is easy, there are a million tuts on it aswell. :)
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    While the clock rate might be faster, that only matters when comparing cpus from the same core type (ie Ivy Bridge), the intel will be faster clock for clock and run the server better. I use an AMD FX-8120 in my desktop but used intel 2500K in both of my servers for minecraft.
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    Not a dns record, DynDns - that's a service for machines without static IP address.
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    Windows Server 2012 x64
    Surely a linux OS would use less power and result in smoother running minecraft?
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    DynDns is a DNS provider, you can run a server without a static IP.

    Using Windows results in the CPU displaying info onto the screen, which in turn uses more CPU, whereas Ubuntu server / CentOS, etc, are barebone OS' which don't do that, and, it's free!
  14. Well, that's a common misconception. I've yet to this day not seen any workload that had better performance in real life on a Linux server than a Windows server.There are tests that claim it both ways, depending on who paid for the research.

    Rather, pick the OS you know best. If you are used to Windows, then use Windows or you will end up with less performance and a system that performs under average and which is probably quite unsecure. And the same way around if you are used to Linux.

    Besides, you can run Windows Server 2012 (and 2008 R2) as a Server Core, which has no GUI at all if you are worried about performance impact from that.

    That was the most silly thing I've heard in a long time.
    Show us some performance benchmarks that proves that's true.Or run Windows Server 2012 in Server Core mode.
    No GUI ... and less things to patch.

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    I was basing my posting off Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard.

    Haven't used Windows Server 2012, I apologise.
  16. Server Core exist also in Server 2008 R2.

    Sorry, I'm just tired of all kids screaming use FreeBSD or Linux for everything as if it's the Holy Grail.
    Someone who's never used FreeBSD won't get a Minecraft server running, and will not get the OS to run in an optional way, and not in a secure fashion. It's a disaster, and he would be much better of running Windows that he (probably) is used to.
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    I remember when I first got a dedicated server, CentOS was confusing to start off with, but I had a mate that was very good at it, I've loved Linux ever since.

    Out of the box (no settings changed) Linux uses less resources, but as you've said Server core seems half decent (I've personally never heard of it before..).

    EDIT - I do agree with:
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    You don't need a GPU, as the others have said.

    Maybe it is the Holy Grail. (of servers)
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    I know that very well, but for me it's one of the most basic things to provide an access to a service (server) everybody can rely on. How do you want to share a changing IP-Address? A mailing list? A website? A dynamic DNS service is much more handy and free to get.
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    Well if you're running a server at home, It's not going to be huge, because your internet will cut short.

    You could always talk to your ISP to get a static IP? Or just buy a domain.. Free DNS looks bad when you advertise.
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    Worse than a dynamic IP?

    But let us stop this now, the possibilities are listed and we're getting too far away from the main topic. :p
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    Thanks to everyone for helping. I have almost decided the specs for my new server.

    Additionally, I don't use Hamachi any more because its stability has been decreasing these days, sometimes resulting to disabled connection. Now I use a DDNS provided by the router's manufacturer and port-forwarding instead.
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