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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Oystein Pettersen, Feb 18, 2011.

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  1. :Attetchment down below:

    Hello, i am trying to start a server. Thinking about going quite serious :) Maybe get a nice commuinty.

    But i'm having some problems i don't really seem to understand anything i'm doing. i guess i've gotten this far by luck.

    Well my current Plugins are
    (TPack, Permissions, MyWarp, MyHome, LWC, iChat, General, AntiBuild)

    What i do need help with is

    1: To create a good Permission Config that gives me this resualt
    - The rank's goes from Guest - Member - Moderator - Admin - Owner
    - That the permissions of each rank is a good setup with the current plugins,
    I have tried loads of time, but failed every time.
    Something like
    1. "Guests: Can't do anything except Talk"
    2. "Member's: Is someone that have been promoted
      from Guest and can actually build ect"
    3. "Moderator: someone with the ability to assist members and contain a little
      order on the server"
    4. "Admins: Will be my most trusted pals that will controll the
      order 100% but i wan't some restrictions on them somehow."
    5. "Owner: That is me,
      and i have the power to everything if that is a way to say it"
    Other config's
    iChat= No idea if i can make a usefull change here.
    General= No idea if i can make a usefull change here.
    MyHome= No idea if i can make a usefull change here.
    MyWarp= No idea if i can make a usefull change here.
    iChat = No idea if i can make a usefull change here.

    Server Info
    Website: WWW.Northerngaming.wordpress.com (Norwegian Site)

    E-Mail: NorthernGamingPc@Gmail.com / Northpoleprod@Gmail.com

    As you can see, i am indeed going to make this a Norwegian MineCraft server.
    I'm also sorry for asking so much from the members of Bukkit Forum.
    Please leave any suggestion, on how to make a good server. i'm also looking for some tips on Server Mods such a runecraft, but idk how to fix it on Bukkit.'

    Best Regards - Oystein.

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    More information:

    Skype: Oysteinso1994

    Windows 7 - 64Bit

    This server is running Craftbukkit version git-Bukkit-0.0.0-354-g502b903-b265 (M
    C: 1.2_01)

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    ok I'll try to fix it up for you give me a few minutes
    done here
    tell me what you think, I tried to leave as much the same as I could and when adding commands left some without the '*' so you could remove what you don't want.
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