Help on register Scheduler in Main class!

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Deltateamsoldier, Aug 22, 2014.

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  1. hey Community,
    I am writing a plugin at the moment that is for the support on a server. If a player makes /support, all supporters will get a message that this one player needs support. That works fine but I want to make that they can use the command only every .. minutes/hours ... I made that with an arraylist but I dont know how to import the arrylist into your main class, that I can register it in the main.. Pls dont say that you need the code because you dont.. Only say me how I can register an arraylist in from another class into the main class : )
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    Make the arraylist "static" then in your main classname.arraylist name and done
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    Global collections are prone to memory leaks
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    Never had isues with it
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    Try reloading your server hundreds of times, it should become apparent quite soon
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    nope never happend it has now like 500 reloads still to issues with it xd

    i clear the arraylists when i reload thats maybe why its not breaking xd
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    mechoriet Static does not exist for your convenience. Aside that, it is bad design (no encapsulation, tight coupling). Rather rely on injection instead (constructor injection being a very common form on Bukkit or setter injection. Google it!)
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    To register it use:
    1. ArrayList<Player> cooldown = new ArrayList<Player>();
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