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Discussion in 'Resources' started by Llama_, Nov 17, 2016.

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    Hello! I was looking around on the internet for a while, and couldn't find a pre-made java list of all the intractable objects in Minecraft. It could be used for example if you want to create a spawn protection plugin, but you don't want to send a message every time the player right clicks. Took me a while to make, but here it is:

    List<Material> interactable = Arrays.asList(Material.CHEST, Material.FURNACE, Material.BURNING_FURNACE,
                Material.WORKBENCH, Material.CAKE_BLOCK, Material.FENCE_GATE, Material.ACACIA_FENCE_GATE,
                Material.DARK_OAK_FENCE_GATE, Material.BIRCH_FENCE_GATE, Material.JUNGLE_FENCE_GATE,
                Material.SPRUCE_FENCE_GATE, Material.WOOD_DOOR, Material.WOODEN_DOOR, Material.ACACIA_DOOR,
                Material.BIRCH_DOOR, Material.DARK_OAK_DOOR, Material.JUNGLE_DOOR, Material.SPRUCE_DOOR,
                Material.TRAP_DOOR, Material.ANVIL, Material.BREWING_STAND, Material.ITEM_FRAME, Material.LEVER,
                Material.STONE_BUTTON, Material.WOOD_BUTTON, Material.DISPENSER, Material.DROPPER, Material.HOPPER,
                Material.REDSTONE_COMPARATOR_ON, Material.BEACON, Material.DIODE_BLOCK_OFF, Material.DIODE_BLOCK_ON,
                Material.ENCHANTMENT_TABLE, Material.NOTE_BLOCK, Material.JUKEBOX, Material.FLOWER_POT);
    (Please let me know if I'm missing a few)
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    If you have a problem with your code, please specificity what your problem is. If you're posting it here to give to the community to use, then move this to "resources" (Click the "report" button and ask for this thread to be moved).

    BTW: You are forgetting noteblocks, enchanting tables, flowerpots, and Jukeboxes.
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