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  1. Plugin Name: Heist
    Plugin Category: Fun, Rope-Playing, Mini-game
    What I Want: I would like a plugin that simulates a heist. I have seen some thief plugins but not one that matches what I have in mind. There would be a block that is the target for the game. There is a team of guards protecting the block, and everyone else is basically free for all trying to get the block. The thieves would be able to "tag" other thieves by hitting them with an item (snowball?). Getting "tagged" would broadcast a message, for example, "MasculineBulldog is 10 blocks from the DiamondBlock". The aim of the game would be to get the block back to your home base, each thief would have their own. Clicking on the block equips it to the players head, so anyone who sees the thief would know he/she has their objective. The game could end in a few ways, succeeding in a heist, or a timer (in which case the block would reset once the block has successfully been returned to the thief's base). The timer round would be a game of whoever has the most completed heists. If a config is possible, the ability to customize match timer, if it is a one heist wins, and the kits of the various people. Items for the teams are below.
    Kits: Thief - Full Black Leather Armour, 16 "tagging" items (snowballs), a consumable item which gives invisibility for a couple of seconds, cannot be used if you currently have the block. Thieves also have a fall resist boost, also not active once you have the block.
    Guards - Full Diamond Armour, Diamond Sword - Sharpness V and Knock-back I. The guards are "souped" up to be able to kill a thief very, very, quickly - who would then go back to their base (without the block if they have it, and the block would re-spawn).
    Ideas For Commands and Permissions: I have no experience with setting up mini-games, so all the needed commands/permissions for that.
    When I Would Like It By: Anytime, I am in no rush.
    PM me if you would like to take this on.
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    This is quite a big Project and i dont think anyone would code this .
    Maybe you could even use Vanilla Mechanics to create this
    For Example:
    The Snowball plugin could be requested on Plugin requests that shouldnt be to hard (If a player gets hit by a snowball it tells the distance between player and a set block)

    Randomizing Teams is in Vanilla.
    Different Teams and Kits could Probably be applied by using the Scoreboard team System .
    Im not sure about the timer but i think its possible too!
    Respawn after death of the Thieves could be done with the Spawnpoint command.
    And if a thief steals the block and brings it to his base he could place it somewhere and you could have a commandblock checking for that DiamondBlock which could replace it with a Redstone block to power a nearby commandblock which Broadcasts the winner of the Match.

    It would be time consuming but if noone codes it you could maybe give this a try!
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  3. fefe2008 Thanks for the info. I am not a really experience minecraft player and haven't really worked with command blocks before. I could work it out and I'll use it as a last resort kinda thing. I am just beginning to learn Java for school so who knows, I might be able to take this on myself. :)
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    No problem ! I would code this for you if i could but since i suck at java i cant :/
    It's a good idea tho maybe we can get together and make this with commandblocks at some point.
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    Does this plugin take over the entire server?
  6. reider45 It wouldn't. It would function as a minigame, with the option to start a game of it. Many servers use survival games as a minigame with the entire server not being solely dedicated to just survival games. If a server owner wanted to completely dedicate their server to this plugin that would be their choice. As I said in my main post, I don't have enough knowledge of plugins to know what commands are necessary; I know begin a match, choose spawn points, and the Heist block. Thats it, I was hoping whoever took this on would know what else would be needed.

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