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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by AmbatiRaydu, Oct 11, 2021.

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    Hey so my friend is trying to build a server and he has been going at it for a long time and has yet to find a good player base... This server is a very unique prison server we try to make it as unique as we can. it uses prismarine crystals as a balance for most things. it has many different tags and fun things to do. Another unique thing this server has is instead of having plots it has skyblock which is very fun and unique for a prison server where you can use the blocks from the prison to build up your sky block omegle and have the biggest strongest one... But with all these unique things we still cant build a player base because people these days all they want is staff and they join dont get staff and they leave and that is a problem i'm sure everyone is having so i was wondering if there is any tips and or tricks to getting a good player base! lemme know in the comments! thanks for the help in advance! i
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    In Russia, we usually create P2W servers and at the same time make it possible to get paid privileges for a certain time that the player will spend on the server. During the time while the player is waiting for the award for the time spent on the server, he will have time to get used to the server, perhaps he will make a friend and will not want to leave

    Probably this is not the best solution for you, but I tried
    (google translator sucks u know)
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