Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by kezz101, Aug 4, 2012.

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    That's odd, I could have sworn I tagged you. :confused:

    And just a few hours ago, actually.
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    XD I'm just messin with ya

    But anyways, I won't be much help programming atm, but If would need a documenter/tester/ticket manager I could help with that.
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    cool, what did you have to do to get that, and I can help volunteer my server to test, out of town, atm, but i can still do that if you need me to.
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    Ermergerd! Congratulations. I wish to become BukkitDev as well, but I'm just a lowly beginning coder with nearly perfect English and high maturity levels. :p
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    I actually didn't actively seek the position out.

    We're definitely going to need some testers/servers, so that's great. I'm going to take you up on that offer later. :D

    Haha, thanks! :)
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    Hmm, I'd be willing to test this plugin. Maybe do a little coding. I want to learn! xD Problem is, though, that Towny is my second highest mortal enemy, next to Factions. No offense to the authors, I know that they spent a lot of time on those plugins. I just don't really like those plugins. Aside from that, yeah, I think I'm fine. Skype: drkmaster83. Do whatever you want with it, babeh! ;D :p
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    No worries, I've actually never used Towny before, but it's not a hard dependency. It basically just disallows spell casting in certain Towny regions. :)

    We should have some sort of IRC channel for this. :D
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    PFFT. Skype conversations are just as good.

    May I code the /spellinfo(or /spellbook) command? :D?

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    Go ahead. :)
  10. Y u no tag me haha

    I might be able to help, could you possible add me on skype. I am on holiday atm,
    Skype: iKeirNez
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    I'm very interesting in this plugin. Does it go on version 1.4.5 ? Or no ? (Sory for my English, because i'm from Russia)
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    From what I've heard it's somewhat inactive.
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    The plugin's github repo hasn't been updated in the last two months, and i'm pretty sure the plan to create a server fell through. AFAIK the plugin should work with 1.4.5, and it had some functionality. I wrote a module loader for it, and there are quite a few spells that work. There was a BukkitDev page, no idea what its current state is though. You can always download and compile it for yourself if you have to.
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    I hope to restart development sometime in the spring next year. I'm currently busy with a very time-consuming project, but once things settle down with that, I'll be able to get HPS started again. Maybe kezz101 can help out now :)
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    At the moment I'm far too busy with life (lol ikr idek...) to kick start this project again! Sorry :/ But as np98765 said I may also be able to do Spring next year!
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    Yes, it's work on 1.4.5 very good. Thank u very much. It is the best plugin that i'v seen. Will you continue this plugin ? For example, introduce new spells, Such as: protego, levikorpus, crucio, imperio and other.
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    Ok! I got some time and spent all day hacking away at HarryPotterSpells!

    <tagging spree>
    </tagging spree> (I didn't tag a few people because I can only tag 10 :'( )

    If anyone is interested in helping out again or if anyone new wants to help out then just let me know :D

    Read the OP for ways that you can help out :0

    Kezz out.
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    I'll definitely help HPS out now that I'm much better than I was.
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    Yes! Yes! Yes! We'd love that :DDDDD

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    I'm also busy with (probably the same if np98765's talking about what I think) a time consuming project :/
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    I would love to help
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    We'd all love your help :D As before just read over the OP, check out the GitHub page, fork us (pun intended) and get coding! :D
  23. Id love to help too
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