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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by VIGOR, Feb 7, 2020.

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    Hello! I was wondering if it is possible if someone could make me a Sorting Hat Plugin.

    Minecraft Version: 1.12.2

    Suggested Name:

    What I want:
    1. I would like the plugin to sort someone into a house: Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff.
    2. Before they get sorted, I would like the person who is being sorted to take a quiz and the way they should answer the question is by putting in chat the number the answer is next to and they can ONLY say a number that is in the answer part. (Which can be changed in the config, please)
    3. I would like the plugin to be able to migrate with LuckPerms, so when they get sorted the plugin will do the command to put them into a LuckPerms group.
    4. When the player has finished the sorting quiz, they cannot do the quiz again after they are already sorted.
    5. Once they have graduated Hogwarts, a quiz will pop up to determine if you are a Death Eater or a Auror.

    1. /eldersort or /esort or /es - To show the user the description of the plugin.
    2. /eldersort or /esort or /es help - To show the user the commands for the plugin.
    3. /eldersort or /esort or /es quiz 1 {player} - To start the quiz for them to be sorted into a house.
    4. /eldersort or /esort or /es sort {player} - To sort someone into a house or to change their career as a if they do not like their house/career or the quizzes is slightly bugged.
    5. /eldersort or /esort or /es unsort {player} - To unsort someone from their house so they can begin the quiz once more.
    6. /eldersort or /esort or /es quiz 2 {player} - To start the Auror or Deather Eater quiz.

    1. eldersort.desc
    2. eldersort.help
    3. eldersort.quiz.1
    4. eldersort.sort
    5. eldersort.unsort
    6. eldersort.quiz.2

    When would I like it to be done: Hopefully, I would like it within 2 weeks at best or if you would like to extend the time frame contact me through here.

    Thank you!
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    The questions are listed in a seperate config right? Each question has to have 4 values that get added to their internal score for every house so, at the end of the quiz, it can be determined to which house you belong the most. What kind of answer types do you want? (yes/no),(some number)(anything else)? This number thing Has to be a linear function so that the answer will be multiplied by the 4 values from each question and then get added to the internal scores.
    You get what my difficulties are? Clarification needed ;)
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    Ok, so, yes the questions are listed in the config and can be changed. No entirely 4 values depending on the question it can be changed, but yes for the internal score thing. So, in the config the answers for the questions can be changed, but in order to select the answer you want you must enter a number in chat corresponding to the answer number. And yes I get what your difficulties are and what you can do when you answer you have a tally thing or like a percentage of what house you belong in more depending on your answer, each answer has a specific percentage or value to be added up until at the end of the quiz the highest percentage or value for a house sorts them into that house.

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