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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by FullSendMC, Nov 11, 2022.

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    Hi, I am wanting a plugin built called GunGame. I am in no rush to get it done.

    Game Restart (restarts the game)
    Game Start (starts the game)
    Game Stop (stops the game)

    GunGame.admin (allows above commands)
    This plugin would be for a mini game. There is no time limit for each game. Each time you kill someone you get a new weapon. As you get more kills you get a weapon that does less damage. Once you reach the top level and get a kill without a weapon you win. I want the level you are on to be a placeholder that I can put in a scoreboard etc. I want the leader level like this as well. I want it to implement a points system so that each time you get a kill you earn 1 point and for every win, you earn 50. I want there to be a level system for the points. I want all wins, kills, and levels to be tracked using MongoDB. In the lobby, I want to have a separate plugin that retrieves the stats so I can put them in a scoreboard. I want the scoreboard to have weekly, monthly, and all time.

    I want there to be a config file so I can change the weapon for each level, the number of levels in each game, the number of players required to start, and the URI to link MongoDB along with the database name in MongoDB.

    When you die to another player, I want you to get randomly teleported to one of the preset locations that can be set in the config file. Also, when you get killed with an empty hand, I want you to go back a level and I want that to be sent in chat. Also, I want the win to be broadcasted in chat.

    Any stable Minecraft version will work. 1.12.2, 1.16.5 or later will work. I will be adding a 1.8 combat plugin.
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