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What should I add for the next GuiAdmin update

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  1. Support for Essentials plugin

    6 vote(s)
  2. Support for easy server scripting / simple plugins

    2 vote(s)
  3. Both

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  4. Others (please specify)

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  1. GuiAdmin is an admin tool that helps server owners manage their servers without running Minecraft.

    1. Full control of server without running Minecraft
    2. A password can be made to increase security
    3. Works for every OS that support Java
    Planned Features

    1. Adding support for Android

    1. See installation .
    Running the cilent

    1. Download GuiAdmin (Download here)
    2. Extract GuiAdmin (You should see GuiAdmin Cilent_vX.X.X.jar)
    3. Simply run GuiAdmin Cilent_vX.X.X.jar

    User Interface:
    Player data interface:
    Set health prompt box:
    Set gamemode prompt box:
    Permission Editor:
    Permissions and Commands

    1. For permissions, see
    2. For commands, see
    System Requirements

    1. The latest version of Java is need to be installed (Java Download Page)
    2. Version of Bukkit needs to be 1.6.1 or higher
    Custom Ports

    1. See


    Download here.
    This plugin works with the server-side GuiAdmin from Bukkit Dev (Link here) .

    The Inventory Editor will be added on the 17th of July (Stay tuned for updates!)
    Make sure that the file GuiAdmin_vX.X.X.jar is in the /plugins folder (Not GuiAdmin Cilent_vX.X.X..jar !) and the GuiAdmin Cilent_vX.X.X.jar is run by double clicking instead of the GuiAdmin_vX.X.X.jar. (See Installation)
    If you encounter any problems/issues/bugs feel free to post it on the forums NOT here.

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    Man, do I love the look and feel of Swing!
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    quick question how do i run this on mac I'm putting the port in and everything but nothing happens when i hit login
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