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  1. Note: This tool will only work if you use the HawkEye Reloaded plugin

    We've been using HawkEye ever since it was released and things like BigBrother before it, they're very important plugins, but they share the same problem, which can't be solved from within minecraft.
    You can only see what a player is doing if you use the search command often or follow them personally while vanished as they go about. This costs yourself (as a moderator) valueable playing time.

    As a school project, we had to make a program with external data input. So I made this, with the additional goal of making something useful.

    This program provides you with a live-feed of the logs added to the database by HawkEye. The ID values are converted to readable text for convenience. It could be useful for debugging purposes as well.

    * Live feed of new log entries
    * The ID's in logs are automatically translated to human-readable names
    * Filter per player, action, block or item
    * Retrieve older logs
    * Advanced and simple view options
    * Advanced view shows you more information depending on the selected options
    * Simple view focuses on readable sentences to describe logs
    * Password login, so not everyone can just track all players


    * .NET Framework 4.0 (client only)
    * Web server*
    * MySQL
    * HawkEye Reloaded Database

    *If you use xampp or wamp, you already have a webserver, needs portforwarding though

    1. Place the "hawkeye monitor" folder in your webdirectory (htdocs)
    2. Change the password in "db_config.php", the client application uses this
    3. Check if the database setting/naming is right
    4. Try if the application can connect, enter your server IP and the password configured in the "db_config.php"

    Usage example:
    Have it as a small window, Always on top activated and Transparency set to about 60%. Then place it over minecraft in a corner. You can for example filter on one new player and just play the game while occasionally glancing at the program, checking for suspicious block breaks.
    If you find the player is doing something suspicious, select the log and select "Copy he tpto command", then vanish and paste command to find what has been broken.

    Please report any bugs and keep in mind that this is my first real functional program. Also new on the bukkit forums (not bukkit dev).
    Any feedback ofcourse is also appreciated.

    Download Client
    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted bit url>

    Credit to bob7l for HawkEye Reloaded
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