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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by Bertware, Oct 5, 2011.

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    Fixed it for now, though I don't know where the full documentation is located right now.
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    Hello, since i use bukkit 1.7.9-R0.2 with BukkitGUI, the lists are empty (OPs, Ban Players, Ban IP...)

    Maybe due to json lists ?
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    I reworked the entire project a while ago. Since the whole DCMA mess, and a lack of time, development went really slow and stopped a few times.
    I compiled the latest code and made it available here:
    Developers should feel free to continue the project:
    The code is structured to allow quickly adding new tabs or support for new servers.

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    1.000.000 BukkitDev Downloads, it's been a blast! Thanks everyone for their support!
    In the meanwhile, v1.x got a stability update to v1.8, and work on v2.x has been continued.
    For v2.x, java detection and server support have been improved, and quite some bugs are fixed now :)
    Both versions are available from
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    @Bertware Could you please add Forge to the server launcher? And a custom path to plugins as I use Forge/Sponge and plugins are in the Mods folder.
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    "Plugins are in the mods folder" Make sure you're not confusing plugins (bukkit plugins, which mostly add new commands and server features) with mods (which add new content)
    I'll see if I can add it, in the meanwhile, you can try to use Forge/Sponge with existing server profiles. A server profile is used for better text parsing, and better support for updates etc, so while other profiles might not provide an optimal expierience, they still should work :)
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    Aka Gambit

    First off I want to thank you for making the best server GUI I have tried to date.

    I have a minor issue that whenever I start my server the server's gui shows up on top of the program. (I do not want this.)
    I have tried putting the "nogui" argument everywhere I can think of and it either does not work or gives an error, and as my googling has not revealed a result, how would I accomplish fixing this?
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    Try using the "vanilla" server type in the starter tab. This mode is aimed at the vanilla server, or other servers based on this instance (which all include the vanilla gui), and should suppress any windows from the server :)
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    plugin dont can download
    any mirror?
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