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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by Bertware, Oct 5, 2011.

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    but where I can type in any command without the prefix,
    because with the prefix the server only gives me a list of plugins (or whatever the prefix stands for).
  2. Ooh I see
    Thats a menu with all server commands.
    You can by example set it to say, and start chatting. "say" wont be cleared after the command has been sent. (only the textbox will be cleared)
    If you want to send a command to a plugin, you should clear the combobox, and type the command in the textbox. (This system is going to be replaced, I guess in 0.9.7 or 0.9.8)
    so in your image the plugins should be nothing.

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    I know you have a lot to do,
    but what would be awesome is to implement common Permission Plugins.
    For example under "Players" could stand their main Permission group, with right click at the player under General you are able to change/set Groups and so on.
  4. I could do that, but the problem is that there are masses of permissions plugins.
    Ohoo idea I could let the user select which plugin he's using :)
    I thought already about a similar thing with the OP and admin lists.
    One of the next releases will contain a file editor for bukkit (for files like Whitelist,banned players, ops,,....). Maybe I could add these functions there.

    I suppose everything is working for you right now?
    (Going to program some new features, so just to know if there are still bugs to be fixed)
    @Others: please keep reporting bugs, I have already fixed a lot of them thanks to you guys!

    Edit: 10/10/2011 - 7:30PM
    published new development build to Github (v0.9.6.3)
    This build contains some of the functionality which is going to be added in 0.9.7.
    Feel free to test it and report bugs.

    • Better alerts: Join/Leave/kick also displays name of player
    • Tray messages: When minimized to tray, you can receive tray messages (almost the same as alerts
    • Send command between 1 and 250 times. Right of the send button you can send a command multiple times.( if you want to give you 640 Gold, you can send the command "give myself gold 64" 10 times
    • Minor bugfixes
    Note: Alerts and notifications can't be saved yet, I hope to find an efficient way to do this before the next recommended build

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    Everything is working now ^^, except one thing:
    The Player tracker on the left is sometimes buggy, it says im logged in twice, but im not logged in anymore:

  6. I know that, but its hard to solve. I will implement a better Debug option in a next version, so you can log it, and send me the logs. That way I can find out what is going wrong.
    I got this bug also once or twice. But I wasn't able to recreate it in debug mode (of Visual studio, not of the program itself)
    Edit: I think I know a possible reason (something with threads and cross-thread calls). If I'm right, this can be fixed in minutes. But first I have to make my homework for school :(

    v0.9.6.4 is pushed to github
    • improvements for tray
    • a smaal part of the bugfix for those players which are still displayed even if they're disconnected (only implemented complete clear of all lists at shutdown, going to continue fixing this bug tomorrow)
  7. Hi, problem with minecraft, i cant log into the server. The server is running fine, i can start minecraft out of the GUI but when i try to connect to the server it comes up with
    Connection Lost
    Failed to login: User not premium
    Why i get this message?? if you need more infos, let me know, thx
    Server.jpg Minecraft.jpeg
  8. Make shure bukkitGUI is in the same folder as Bukkit.
    You don't have them in the same folder I suppose.
    Since they're not in the same folder, bukkit (not the GUI, but bukkit itself) will create alle needed files in the same folder as bukkitGUI.
    So you should go to the folder where bukkitgui is located, and edit (to solve your problem online-mode should be set to false)
    I hope this fixes your problem.
  9. mhm... if i switch my onlin-mode to false the GUI writes
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    This isn't a plugin, its considered a bukkit tool.
    Rules For a plugin(not full list):
    • Must be written in java (currently, that may change)
    • Must be executed by the craftbukkit server
    • Needs to be run from the plugins folder (there can be exceptions)
    If not the above it is a tool.
  11. But are you able to connect in that case? I guess you can.
    Note that the current build-in minecraft launcher can not connect to servers who are using online authentification, since I didn't write the authentification at (migh be done later, but isn't very important IMHO)
    These are 3 things who are actually pointing at the same:
    This program isn't written in Java, which causes that it can't be executed by the server (instead, it executes the server), and it should run from the server home directory, that's due to the coding of bukkit (and I don't care about that, it isn't such a big limitation)
    Note at point1: I will never rewrite this program in Java. Simple, because it is impossible. Java is too bad at memory usage and threading to perform as good as this program with the same memory and CPU usage
    But what do you actually mean? I agree, it is not a real plugin, but a tool, but does it matter?
    I saw other VB GUI's pass at the plugin section, so I don't get the problem?

    Edit: is pushed to github
    • Added option to select what should be showed before each line of server output: You can individually enable time and date
    • Some minor improvements on tray
    Edit 2:
    Note: is going to get released fast. It will contain tooltips for almost all controls!

    Edit 3: is pushed to github
    • Tooltips for almost all controls!
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    I know why you didn't make it in java its just i mean we have a section already for tools such as these, the mods can't release something in plugin submissions that isn't a plugin. You should ask for it to be moved.
  13. Ooh I see. Didn't know there was such a section...
    sent PM for move of this thread.
  14. v0.9.7.1 to github, dev build
    -Preview of bukkit settings editor (not fully working yet)
    -Memory trackbars are now limited to the maximum amount of physical RAM in your computer

    About the hotkeys:
    in the player list:
    page-up/page-down to op/deop selected player
    i or home for more information about selected player
    delete/shift-delete to kick/ban selected player

    input textbox:
    ctrl-s: Say text
    esc: clear textbox
    up/down: browse in command history
    enter: send command
  15. v0.9.7.3 Released! (Recommended version)
    • Alert, Tray and file logging settings are now saved
    • Added graphs for RAM usage
    • Rewritten some code for the performance thread
    • Some code cleanup
    • Some minor bugfixes
    v0.9.8.0 could take some time. I want to get a fully working settings editor in this version, and that's a lot of work.
  16. v0.9.7.16 developer is pushed to Github.
    It contains the first parts of the plugin manager.
    You can already search plugins, but some filters should still be added/improved.
    Other things except plugin browsing isn't working yet, but will soon :D
    I'm away from now till sunday, so untill then I won't be able to give support.
  17. After a ling time of no updates:

    v0.9.8.0 - Recommended build

    • Automatic updates for GUI
    • New Settings engine (still disabled)
    • Improved Plugin manager, still work in progress
    • Fixed lot's of bugs
    • small UI improvements
    • Improved performance (GUI won't 'hang' any longer when getting info from the internet :) )
    • some minor things...
    Automatic updates are enabled by default. You can disable them by going to Info & Options -> Info ->Updates
    Automatic updates will ensure you to always have the latest version (every bugfix, every single addition,...) seconds after the release.
    However the settings manager is still disabled, It's almost finished. Settings can be read, and soon edited and saved

    Note: Stay up to date! Some things are changing due to the "real" minecraft release. Bugs will be solved as soon as possible and ALL new versions will be distributed using automatic updates. The forum/bukkitdev will probably only provide the versions with big changes, or Recommended versions.

  18. v0.9.9.0 is released as a new recommended version. It contains multiple new features and bugfixes.
    The player list is now working good, if there is a problem with the list right click -> update list to get it up to date.
    The plugin manager has a lot more features and is working quite well already.
  19. V0.9.10.0 is released.
    This version features a fully working settings editor for bukkit (finaly).
    you can now also edit Whitelist, Banned players and Ip's
  20. Todo suggestions for the bukkit GUI project:
    -Inventory edits (show, edit, ...)
    -Permissions editor
    -Plugin config editor
    -Load/Unload plugins
    -Update plugins
    -(Start/Reload/Stop/)restart (BUTTONS)
    -World map (dynmap)
    (-other languages)

    These thing would really be awesome (Most of them I've got from another GUI, but isn't working anymore). If I were a program developer I would help, but I am not :p. (Maybe in the future, I'm 15 atm :p)

    Thank you
    Greetz Roy

    Todo suggestions for the bukkit GUI project:
    -Inventory edits (show, edit, ...)
    -Permissions editor
    -Plugin config editor
    -Load/Unload plugins
    -Update plugins
    -(Start/Reload/Stop/)restart (BUTTONS)
    -World map (dynmap)
    (-other languages)

    These thing would really be awesome (Most of them I've got from another GUI, but isn't working anymore). If I were a program developer I would help, but I am not :p. (Maybe in the future, I'm 15 atm :p)

    Thank you
    Greetz Roy

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  21. since I'm working on v1.0, this is the best moment to bring on ideas :)
    -Inventory edit: Impossible (at this moment)
    -Permission editor: Maybe, not immediately
    -Plugin config editor: Probably
    -Load/Unload: Impossible at this moment
    -Update plugins: Probably
    -Buttons: Going to add them :)
    -World Map: I'll look into it.
    -Languages: I'm thinking about a language system :)
    Settings will be saved to XML, so I might add support for language XML files.
    However, At this moment v1.0 can only start a server, get it's output and send new commands. :) (All code is getting a rewrite. Making it Faster and better, more readable and more extensible)
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    Very nice GUI, helps prevent me corrupting all of my maps :)
    The GUI has crashed on me for no reason a few times, but it never corrupted the saves.

    In the server settings, what is the name for that table box thing that shows the config?
    Am I blind or is this project closed source?
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    A friend and I both decided to give this a go on our servers, and ended up having the same issue;
    when some players join, the console is spammed by the amount of players online with multiple reports per second. The only solution was to kill the process.
  24. It isn't supposed to crash...
    If it crashes at regular base, enable debug mode (found in options & info).
    Once it crashes again, send me the generated debug.txt file. This file allows me to find the cause of the crash.

    If you are using 1.0 preview, Log files are created automatic. These can be found in [UserFolder]/appdata/Roaming/Bertware/BukkitGUI/Log

    The control is a listview (also used for players tab and plugins)

    You aren't blind, the project is closed source. However, if you want to know something (how I did action x, how I fixed bug y,...), Feel free to ask! ;)

    You're both using essentials.
    Essentials has the power to conflict with really much plugins.
    You should disable the custom List (connected players, /list) command in the essentials config.

    I'm currently working on v1.0.
    With the final release of v1.0, I'll also try to reduce these conflicts. Can you send me the output from essentials when you use the /list command?
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    We've both discontinued use for the time being, unfortunately. We do not wish to risk our respective server's progress. Will do some testing on a test server/copy.
  26. pre release v1.3 has *finally* support for remote servers.
    Its still under development, but it's working already!

    Player list almost finished (only hotkeys left to do)
    General tab is also missing the hotkeys.
    Plugin manager is still under development to add more functions, however it's working already quite nice.
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    I can't seem to find the "minimize to tray" setting in Double-checked and made sure I have the latest update but it's definitely not there.
  28. I'm currently working on that. v1.3.0.2 is a pre-release, it's the development of the non-beta version (which includes a full rewrite to ensure optimized code)

    Latest recommended build is, which is available on bukkitDev.
    Though, if you are just missing the tray, wait a few more days (I guess I'll release an update before 22/01/2012)
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    Alright, thanks for the quick update. I'll be patient a few more days. :p
  30. Pieman
    I released preview
    It adds tray functionality, should be more stable and should also be able to run without an internet connection (if you try to do that with an earlier version, it would result in a crash)
    I also improved some code.
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