"Guard/Bot" mobs to protect land claims

Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Alec Spurlin, Jun 3, 2021.

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    Alec Spurlin

    Plugin category: Land Claim

    Minecraft version: 1.16.5 - caves/cliffs

    Suggested name: Guard Bot?

    What I want:
    I am looking for a plugin that would allow a mob to be bought that will protect a land claim (u can specify a claim with world guard or even select yourself using a stick/item). Similar to citizens but they will be bots that protect a property with armor and weapons you equip them.

    Some options for the mobs protecting property will be:
    Aggressive (attack anyone who isnt owner who steps foot into land claim)
    Passive (protect owner when attacked, and help him attack within land claim, similar to tamed dogs)
    Grief/Passive protection (attack when chest opened/blocks destroyed within claim, with same protections as passive)

    This way land claims can be protected in a somewhat anarchy world with mild protection from griefers and pvpers who want to fight all the time.

    Ideally it would need a way for players to purchase land (price varying by size ,could be a set price per block within claim) with a stick/shovel/item to select a claim by selecting two opposite corners (claims will go down to bedrock and up to the build limit in the sky). And allow them to purchase from a shop a guard/bot egg which will spawn a NPC/Citizen mob that is loyal to them, where they can add players to their claim so the guard/bot won't attack them.

    This avoids grief plugins that completely protect claims and gives players a more realistic approach to going onto other peoples claims, it allows for more quest to take place and tempts players to go into castles to raid and get loot together as a team, it also gives them a way to protect their own land from others similar to factions but without the annoying land claims and grief protection. A more wild west approach to minecraft grief protection.

    Ideas for commands:
    /guard access allow {username}
    /guard access deny {username}
    /guard type passive/aggressive/grief
    /guard select (enters into selection mode to right-click guard, to choose guard type)
    /guard collect (right-click guard to store back in a spawn egg)

    /guard create steve/wolf/vex/ravager/etc.
    (gives admin spawn egg for guard, can be sold in chestshops at an admin shop)

    /guard destroy (destroys selected guard)

    /guard changetype steve/wolf/vex/etc. (changes selected guard mob type)

    Ideas for permissions:
    basic.guard (basic perms)

    admin.guard (admin perms)
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    Yikes, a Pathfinder and Navigation request, not a really appealing topic to a lot of people here. There are also a few things you probably didn't mention.
    What's the plugin to hook to? (The claims and stuff) If you say no plugins that deal with that, you're asking for an additional grief prevention plugin packaged together with a plot claims plugin + a Pathfinder plugin :/
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