GTA: Island Life - Grand Theft Auto in Minecraft [Development Thread]

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    Heres a post that I will be updating as I go through the process of recreating Island Life in Minecraft.

    My Previous Works

    My Minecraft username is Avengah, and I own Minescape which is another project that recreated Runescape in Minecraft. More details on that project here: reddit post and website.

    This Project

    For this project however, I will be recreating the map of Grand Theft Auto through World Painter and then Ill begin coding a gamemode based on Grand Theft Auto thats playable inside the Minecraft sandbox. When the beta version goes live on the server, the server whitelist will be removed. When you login, there will be two sides, the Police Force and the Civilian side. You will be prompted on which side you want to play on. If you select the Police Force, you will also be prompted on which role to choose (SWAT, Patrol, Dispatch, Coast Guard, Internal Affairs, etc.). Cars will be replaced with horses with car names. Attributes from the car themselves will translate to horses, such as speed as strength. Speeding will be possible, and through a plugin that can measure player speed, patrolling police officers will be able to pull you over and ticket you for speeding. Sirens will be recreated through looping custom sounds that will be added to the game mode through a custom texture pack that will be automatically downloaded on joining the game. Civs will of course be able to make money through various means. They can go whaling on boats, fish, go grow drugs in gang areas, go hunting, go mining for resources, harvesting organs, go drill oil, rob the bank (if you can make a getaway with the money without being killed or arrested) or simply drive around robbing players. Weapons for civs can be bought at gang areas if you capture them and at the gunstore. High level weapons will cost more and may be illegal. Police Officers will be able to stun, restrain, and arrest players if they commit crimes. The jail is located at police headquarters, and will house prisoners as they serve their sentence. Civilians can be arrested for robbing other civs, refusing to pay tickets, killing others, growing drugs, robbing the bank, engaging in black market organ trading, whaling, and committing any other number of crimes.

    On join - Civilian or Police[​IMG][​IMG]

    If you choose police, you will see a secondary window that will ask you to choose a department within the police force to join.[​IMG]

    Every time you login, you have the opportunity to choose which side you want to play as. At any time, there must be twice the amount of civilians as police (this will be enforced through the plugin). Civilians will spawn in the heart of the city, and police at police headquarters. There are a variety of departments/branches inside the police force, such as Detectives, SWAT, Patrol Officers, Vice, and Correction Officers. Each of these branches have different spawn points within the actual Police HQ.


    There are multiple ways into the bank. Theres a garage entrance, a secret underground trapdoor, and then of course the front lobby. The vault is in the back of the building. To open the vault, you simply have to right click the tripwire hook, and then wait 30 seconds as the vault door opens. WARNING: When you begin the process of opening the vault door, all cops are notified that the bank is being robbed. After 30 seconds, when the vault door is open, the criminals can enter the vault and then right click on the gold stash to rob the bank. The criminals will receive a percentage of the combined amount of money in every online players bank. The criminals can then attempt to flee the scene with the money. Be careful, if the cops show up and then kill the criminals, the money will be dropped and the cops will be able to return it.

    Preliminary car shop GUI[​IMG]

    There will be various car dealerships scattered around the island. Some dealerships, such as the High End Sports Car dealership will have very fast but very weak vehicles available. On the other hand, very strong but slowish cars will be available at dealerships like the Tahoe dealership. In addition to this, your horse will level up with you and will gain stats and attributes. This will lead to players collecting and trading vehicles, which I expect will become a very profitable business.

    Automated Paycheck[​IMG]

    You receive a paycheck every 5 minutes from the bank. The paycheck is considered to be 5 percent interest on your bank balance, and is deposited straight into your bank account.


    Washing your items will repair them. Price of washing increases depending on the tier of your item.

    Updated Map

    Map - Whats New
    • Redid the island layout
    • Added in spawn city
    • Added the state jail where officers will be taking criminals/suspects to (its the gray square in the bottom right of the map)
    • Added the airport which is located on a separate island that will be connected to the main island via a bridge
    • Added the oil drills in the desert
    • Added the beginning of the highway/road system
    Map - Whats Next
    • Adding in a fishing village/port up north in that blank area
    • Adding the sheriffs office somewhere near the jail
    • Making terrain more visually appealing (I really need help with this)
    • Adding in the bridge between the air field and the main island
    • Making the mountains look better
    Plugin Changelog
    • Used Cars menu now works fully
    • ATM designed
    • ATM functionality added
    • Horse spawning system and stat system fully coded
    Plugin - Whats Next
    • Add additional vehicles to used cars
    • Add additional money deposit/withdrawal amounts
    • Code the jail
    • Code the arrest system
    • Code the harvest organ system
    • Code fishing/whaling
    • Code oil drilling
    • Code drug growing/selling
    • Code the gang system
    • Code the wanted system
    Every building in the spawn city has a use. From magazine stores that literally just sell you magazines to banks that can be robbed and meth labs that you can cook meth in with drugs you buy from the pharmacy, everything has a function. This is not a promise, this has already been coded and is a reality.

    Oil Drilling and Processing

    Police Menu (opened after right clicking a civilian as a police officer)[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    An example of the menu in action

    You see a civilian unholster/unsheath a weapon in the city. As you approach him, he spots you and quickly holsters/sheaths the weapon. You ask this civilian if he has a license for his weapon, and he replies by denying that he has a weapon on him. Now, since you suspect this civilian of having an unlicensed weapon, you check his licenses. This civilian does in fact NOT have a weapon permit, and you now have probable cause to search him as you suspect that he is in illegal possession of a deadly weapon. You ask him if you can search him, he denies. Because you have probable cause, you taze/stun him and restrain him. You then search him and he indeed has an iron sword on him. The punishment for this crime is 10 minutes in state prison. You chokehold him, mount your horse/car, and then drive to the state prison. You lead him into an empty cell, arrest him for 10 minutes (after which he will be teleported outside of the jail), and then close the cell door.You have just enforced the law.

    Ticketing Civilians

    Something that I forgot to add to the plugin before making the video is whenever civilians pay the ticket, all cops on the server will actually get about 5-10 percent of that ticket send to their bank with a message notifying them of this.


    I also want to emphasize that there ARE NO MODS. This is done through a resource pack that will automatically download when you first join the server.

    I also just added recoil to shooting. This will happen through the player being pushed 1 block backwards when he fires the gun.

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    Seems cool, good luck on the project. Will check it out when released.
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    This is really cool. I wish you best of luck!
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    When will this be available for download?
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    I think hes making his own server via the plugin.
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    This looks great so far. Good luck!
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    Oh ok
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    Sick. Maybe for the tasergun, you could add a shake-effect like here.
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    This looks like an awesome project! Wish you luck. Also, you gave me a great idea for one of my current projects (jail menu).

    Bringing arma 2 to minecrafte eh?
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    Awsome project!
    Is the map downloadable? I would like to see it :D
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