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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by poopgoblin, Jul 23, 2012.

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    Hello Bukkit community. I'm over a hundred hours into building my server and I'm near the threshold. I know just about everything I'm doing other then writing these scripts. Could anyone write some scripts so there's four ranks.

    rank one:spectator
    has the ability to fly with something like /noclip on
    optional hide player
    no ability to build
    can warp and see motd

    rank two:Guest
    Can build
    see motd
    warp, warp list
    No use of lava, fire, tnt, water
    can kill
    talk and message players
    /balance for chest shop

    rank three:Builder
    full game content
    with all of guest permissions
    (important: also use chest shop and ADMIN SHOP)

    rank four:Owner
    "*" admin of course

    I'd really appreciate some help. I'm about ready to rig a rube goldberg machine with my ar15.

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  2. If your asking for some1 to do this for you... your in the wrong section, This is Plugin Development, where plugin developers ask for questions they don't know about. and they're questions get answered. This is about asking to make a plugin or permissions (Looks more like permissions). Please post somewhere else
  3. Wrong forum.

    But if its for group manager, use this as a copypaste.

    Code (Text):
    1.   <group name>:
    2.     default: true
    3.     permissions:
    4.     -
    5.     - permission.two
    6.     inheritance: []##add groups here that you want to inherit their perms from. for instance, if you wanted to inherit "group1",youd put [group1]. for both group1 and group2, [group1, group2]
    7.     info:
    8.       prefix: ''
    9.       build: true ##can they build? boolean (true/false) value
    10.       suffix: ''
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    It was something so simple I would have over looked it a million times. I was using notepad++ and whenever I would space to the next line to add commands it would tab instead of spacing.
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    Code (Text):
    1. Spectator:
    2. permissions:
    3. -
    4. - essentials.warp
    5. - essentials.motd
    6. ##Must have plugin to hide player.
    7. build: false
    8. prefix: '&a[Spectator]'
    10. Guest:
    11. build: true
    12. permissions:
    13. - essentials.motd
    14. - essentials.warp
    15. - essentials.afk
    16. -
    17. prefix: '&2[Guest]'
    18. ##You need a plugin to disable the use of LAVA,TNT,FIRE,WATER.
    19. ##All players are able to kill.
    20. ##All players are able to speak.
    22. Builder:
    23. permissions:
    24. - essentials.motd
    25. - essentials.warp
    26. - essentials.afk
    27. -
    28. build: true
    29. inheritance: Guest
    30. prefix: '&b[Builder]'
    32. Admin:
    33. permissions:
    34. - '*'
    36. Owner:
    37. permissions:
    38. - '*'
    40. ##Written by MrDent009 :)[CODE/]
    There you go
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    I love this forum already. I've wrote almost all of it myself after finding out what my error was. Now I need a suggestion for a plugin that's compatible with group manager and preventing block use/placement. Also I'm guessing there's no command to allow the spectator to /noclip without admin on something like worldedit.

    While toggling through the ranks I found Spectator couldn't build/break until he broke grass. Then he had full building permissions and once switched back to builder he couldn't build. This only happened once when switching back but now spectator doesn't hold true to build: false.
    Really useful stuff to check out.

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