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Discussion in 'Plugin Help/Development/Requests' started by Fireangel100, Aug 11, 2015.

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    Today i finished adding around 50 new groups into Essentials groupmanager and i uploaded it into my server. I did all of this correctly but I am now having an issue with Groupmanager working at all.

    Thanks for your help!
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    "Did so correctly" was patting yourself on the back too soon. You didn't do so correctly.
    Start looking near the line specified on the second part of the error message, look above and below it one line for incorrect spacing. If not there, examine carefully the entire rank definition for the rank including and before the error line, and the rank definition including and after the error line.
    Fix the spacing issue, start server, check for additional parsing errors, fix similarly, rinse lather repeat until the file is parsed without error during loading.
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    @Boomer You are right, I do believe that i have messed something up when creating the actual groups. What i meant to say was i uploaded it correctly but shutting down my server, uploading then restarting instead of uploading while the server was active. But Thank you so much for your help. I re-read all of my groups especially those specified in the Error log. I am still having the issue after attempting to space it again. I have attached a paste of a small portion of my groups as well as the new error log but i still cant seem to understand what i am missing or doing wrong. This is also the only default group which leads me to beleive that the issue could lie somewhere with that. But i am no expert to say the least and appreciate any and all help. Thank you for your time. ~ Fireangel

    Snippet of my groups:

    Error log from Groupmanager incident:
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    Post your ENTIRE group file. YML errors aren't always right next to it, they could be 400 lines away, it all depends on how the structure is involved.
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    @Boomer It is a VERY large group file. 524 lines. My apologizes for how large it is. Though i will mention that i copied and pasted a control group and renamed the Groupheader and changes the prefix making all the groups run together with the same permissions (the only exception being the header and prefix.). I was forced to do this when a plugin error prevented me from using inheritances. Thank you so much for your constant help. (i have to mention you have a cool avatar, dont mean to get off topic but i love ghostbusters)
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    Did you use tab instead of space? Bukit/Spigot doesn't like it when you use tab in YML files, and guessing by your error, it looks like you did.
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    Error gives two lines for parsing errors - the first line is always right when its missing a quote, or contains a tab. The second line is the relational-structure breakdown point in the case of incorrect indentation.
    It says line 446. So you look at the line above that and below that immediately, to see if it is incorrectly breaking a section-block
    In this case, line 446 is "permissions:" the line before that is "default: false" but that line is indented too far - it is structured two levels in from the group name, hence the system getting thrown off looking for a block section break point.
    You have subsequent simillar errors in the later groups as well

    That is all that is - a guess, flat out wild-ass guessed that isn't right at all. A tab is the EASIEST of all errors to spot in an error message - "Found /t character..."
    Its not bukkit or spigot that doesn't like formatting problems - YAML is a Structured format with Absolute Rules and all yaml parsers parse by those absolute rules - doesn't matter if the file is parsed by bukkit or spigot or a custom banking application, if a yaml file is not adhering to yaml rules, its data relationships are not properly definable into objects that can be interpreted by any program.

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    @JohnatthanPlays Thank you for trying to help, i did infact make sure that i was using all spaces, but i appreciate all help and ideas.

    @Boomer I was able to fix the error by looking at the line you gave me. I made this late at night and i would guess i just didnt notice it. This was plainly an fault on my end, after fixing all of those indents it is back working again. Thank you so much for your help and using what you have taught me i will make sure to pay more attention to small things like that in the future and make sure something like this hopefully never happens again. Thank you for bearing it out with me.

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