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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by howimineforfish, Jan 22, 2014.

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    Building a GUI is not my forte. Is anyone seriously interested in building a GUI in Java for my project? I have the back-end completed, minus some fancy features. As far as I know all aspects of the YML file are modifiable; read and write works too. Even if you can just make it look pretty I can add functionality.

    I've seen a few tools for Group Manager, but the download is either dead or the project abandoned and incomplete. It could theoretically work on any permission plugin with some minor re-writes (more OO) to how documents are read and written.

    For anyone interested, here's the java files (also attached to thread): <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>

    Files are provided as is with absolutely no license crap. They're free game, use them however you want.

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    If using Eclipse install Window Builder, if you are using Netbeans there is a Swing GUI Builder built in...

    Both will do roughly the same thing, they allow you to design the gui inside the IDE and you can test/debug said gui directly from the IDE as well.
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    GUI builders bloat code unnecessarily. And swing isn't too hard to learn Xd.
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    Using IntelliJ. I probably could learn it myself if nobody is interested but, it'll be the ugliest sonnofagun you've ever seen.
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    howimineforfish Nothing is uglier then dem gui builders, but they work ;)
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    If you're in need of a GUI designer, I can be of help.
    I can code Swing UIs, custom and default.
    Personally, I use NetBeans, but if it's only the front-end, I can be of help.
    Msg me, if you want me :)
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    Netbeans is the best tool to help you to build GUI.
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