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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by IamNoob, Feb 17, 2015.

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    Name: Group Chat

    What does it do?:
    You can create your own private group chat and people can join. They also can join multiple group chats.

    /groupchat - List GroupChat commands.[]
    /group join <groupname> - Join a group.[groupchat.join]
    /group leave <groupname> - Leave a group.[groupchat.leave]
    /group create <groupname> - Create a group.[groupchat.create]
    /group list - List all the groups you joined.[groupchat.list]
    /group switch <groupname> - Switch to another group.[groupchat.switch]
    /group delete <groupname> - Delete a group.[groupchat.delete]

    What chat will looks like:
    Well if can, let me do at the configs.

    When do I want the plugin?:
    Well as fast as I can.

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    Well I'm using a plugin call FeatherBoard and if I do have mcMMO it will mess up the scoreboard and if I disable mcMMO scoreboard it looks like there no mcMMO at my server. The other reason is /party make that I can't /p h(PlotMe) at my prison server.

    The plugin you gave isn't working.
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    mrCookieSlime Retired Staff

    For the /p issue you can just use an Alias Plugin, like:

    CommandOverride (Link is in my Signature)
    DynamicAliases (Link is in @timtower 's Signature)

    Just make /p be the alias for /plotme
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    mrCookieSlime Retired Staff

    I can confirm its working with CommandOverride.
    Don't know about any others as its the only one I use. Never used a different one ^^
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