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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Egitto, Mar 30, 2024.

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    Hey, I’m an active player on a server called minecraftonline, and I always wondered how they made this simple plugin, called GriefAlert. It technically alerts the staff team (probably with a special permission code) if someone breaks a block from another player, (a database is needed for info storage about that). Or it can also alert if someone places a block on top or attached to a previously placed block by another player. Lets say u built a house and someone else puts a block inside it, it can also alert for these type of stuff. The alerts should look like this: “(Player) broke a (block type) at (coords), (Alert number for this grief)” If a mod or admin does /grief tp (alert number) it TPs him to the grief with that number/code, u could also hover to the coords and it immediately TPs u to the scene. It’s a very simple one, can anyone help?
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    All plugins can be implemented as forge mod, but why add mods when you can do it purely server side?
    This forum is for plugins, not mods.

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