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    Plugin category: Mini Games

    Suggested name: Grassyland

    What I want: so this plugin is a simple mini game. When you join a server there will be signs(you can join by signs or command). Once you join it ques you up until theirs a mininum of 2-4 players. (Max players of 20) once you join it's a arena about the size of 20x20 (can't go bigger). So you have a 30 second countdown to run and pick the dirt block you will stand on (floor is dirt). When the time is up you will be frozen in your place. Then randomly in the arena a grass will be placed and start spreading. Once it gets under you your out and lose. Also the grass spreads at a 4x faster rate so games go faster. If you win theirs fully customizable rewards. It can run commands for rewards or even just give you an item.

    Ideas for commands:
    /Gl create
    /Gl remove
    /Gl setup (arena) so you set the sides of arena, so it knows where it is
    /Gl join (arena)
    /Gl leave (arena)
    /Gl config (edit basic things(rewards?))
    /Gl forcestart (arena)

    Ideas for permissions:
    Grassyland.player.* gives them perm to join / leave arena
    Grassyland.admin.* gives all commands to rank

    Include a time limit setting, rewards, and GUI when your in the arena, it has:
    Time left
    Players left
    Also for reward it can be multiple, and its random what you get. Also make it so you can make it do a charge on you to participate in the arena
    When I'd like it by: doesn't matter (sooner then later):p

    Thanks to anyone who takes on this project.
    Also I have more ideas in mind, but add me in skype. <removed personal info - Iroh>- username is Short | UnitedPvP
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    Also for the GUI thing. I ment scoreboard. My bad.
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    I will do it ;). Need some days for that.
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    Thanks you!!
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