Solved Granting all permissions to a Player

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Marco21, Sep 19, 2015.

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    Im making a simple hardcoded Permission Manager. I just have one Problem im not alone capable of doing by myself an i would need help of some Java Bukkit API Pros.

    My Problem is that i want a Group that just has all Permissions. Like in PEX the '*'. But i have no clue how it could be done. And i know that this is not working:

    if (lvl >= 7) {
        // Admin
        a.setPermission("*", true);
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    There is no all permission in the bukkit permission system, but you can get all permissions used by operators using some functions inside plugin manager and apply those permissions to the player
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    Yeh, i will use the Operator System now, its an easy alternative. I didnt know that.
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    You can also add another permission handler to a player (the way permissions plugins work) and always return true.
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