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    Ever heard about Grande Gamehost?

    Well, we're a company located all over the world, hosting servers for you!
    But, we're not only server-hosters. We also help you set up your own server, providing pro-customized server templates, tips to server-owners, plugins, mods and way more!

    But, we need more members at different locations, and different positions.
    To find what we need and where, please go here, go to the bottom and find a menu showing you it!

    Since our website is not done yet, I'll put the rest of the info here:

    • You must be 14 years old
    • You must provide a vaild name, email and location (We will search you up)
    • You must do your ''work'' in time
    • You must tell if you're going away for more than 3 days

    To sign up as a position, please use this form in a reply:

    SUBJECT: Signup for Grande Gamehost ([I]Put this as the subject[/I])
    Name: <Your Name Here>
    Age: <Your Age Here>
    Email: <Your Email Here>
    Location: <Your Location Here>
    Position: <Your Position Here>
    You can also send me a email, using the same form, at sondre.grande@hotmail.com

    At once we have read your signup request, and we approve you, we will tell you to register at our site, and we will give you additional info about your work!

    Any questions regarding your privacy or the ranks? Send me a mail at sondre.grande@hotmail.com!

    Sondre Grande
    Owner of Grande Gamehost
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