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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by TheMintyMate, Aug 30, 2014.

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    Note: Any of these resources may at any time become unavailable. These resources are copyright of their respective owners, and should be treated as such. Updated: 08/09/2014

    Java Resources:


    Best and most recommended Java resource:
    This resource suits Java whizz and nube alike; it contains every aspect of Java, from creating a hello world to socket programming. It also contains lists and examples of variable types, modifier types, with examples. It is also available in PDF format, for easier viewing with over 300 pages.

    Plugin Developement Resources:

    1. - seems to be deemed 'unworthy', though I have not had issues concerning his code (just watch out for his typing - he does often correct his code as he records). However, it is prudent that he doesn't teach you java - only Bukkit head on.

    Most recommended plugin development resource:
    This resource mainly targets those who are new to Bukkit.

    After learning, and now helping people - mainly situated with plugin development, it seems that quite often plugin developers lack easy-to-get Java resources to further understand Java as a whole. Listed above are some helpful Java resources which have helped me. I have also thrown in a few other Java resources readily available, which I have not used. Please note that these resources will help new-comers, and Java whizzes alike. The first resource I have found most helpful, and I hope you do to.

    Some friendly advise:
    When I started to learn how to use Bukkit, I had not learnt much Java. Though I had a great understanding of of web design (with prgramming languages such as HTML, JS, CSS ,PHP ,PERL and of course, I used Mysql) and a basic understanding of C++ and Python, these languages failed to help me get my head round Java (though id now say that C++ and C# relate the best). So instead, I would frequently watch TheBCBroz Bukkit plugin tutorials. However, I did come to realise that I would struggle to create any originality in my plugins, simply because I lacked Java knowledge (and some understanding of the Bukkit API). So I advise; if you are new to Java programming, just take a look at the Java resources above before attempting to create Bukkit plugins. Happy coding!

    Some other useful resources you may need:

    Eclipse Java IDE -
    Java (JDK) -

    Feel free to comment or suggest other useful resources out there, in the big wide web!

    Hope this helps,
    - Minty
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    The Fancy Whale

    Very good piece of advice in here: Learn java before making plugins! Making plugins before learning java is like writing a book in a foreign language you have never spoken.
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    That, or you somehow end up like me
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    Good thing it's near the bottom of the list
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    Hi, Thank You For The Bc Broz Link. It Helped Me So Much. My Only Problem Is, This Doesn't Work:

    1. package bukkit;
    3. import bukkit.*;
    5. public class Test extends javaPlugin {
    7. public static final Logger logger = Logger.getLogger("Minecraft");
    9. public void !(onServerStart()) {
    10."Cant enable plugin :3");
    11. }
    12. else if public void serverStart() {
    13."Cant disable plugin..");;;;
    14. }
    16. }

    Please Help Me!!!
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    mazentheamazin Jaaakee224 seeing as the third bukkit 'resource' is so much worse than bcbros, you should've actually tried to read this.

    ZodiacTheories we all know that you know what is a bukkit plugin, stop trolling.
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    Firstly, I took it as something which is worse due to the fact that newcomers are more lenient to watch videos than read a book or documentation (seen this by multiple people asking about plugin development). Secondly, the third resource only contains that tutorial, while TheBCBroz contains many, another reason a newcomer may go to him rather than a respected resource. Lastly, my comment was just a funny way of stating "TheBCBroz are absolutely terrible and shouldn't be used."
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    Normally I wouldn't recommend any YouTubers in teaching code, as none of them really teach you Java.

    But I like this guy, he goes the extra mile and explains the Java side of things a bit better.
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    but... but... but the name-spacing :C
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    mazentheamazin you should stop with the "funny" part then, because that's called harass, just like your PRs.
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    I like how you base all my PRs on that only one on Essentials ;)
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    Necrodoom The reason why I said that, is because I see way to many people who watched TheBCBroz with problems. I can always tell because of this:
    1. public static final Logger logger = Logger.getLogger("Minecraft");
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    Thanks for the information source
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    Updated: 08/09/2014
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