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Discussion in 'Plugin Help/Development/Requests' started by Protom1234, Oct 25, 2014.

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    Plugin category: PvP

    Suggested name: HitPlayerGold

    What I want: I would like I plugin for PvP that when you hit a player they'll drop gold or diamonds. I would like this to be made because I'm currently running a PvP server but I can't find any plugins for this that I'm after. If you could make this plugin that would be awesome. Thanks alot.

    Ideas for commands: None needed, only a hit player thing.

    Ideas for permissions: gold.playerhit - The permission for when you hit a player they drop it for them. Or for diamond: diamond.hitplayer

    When I'd like it by: Anytime, it would be nice to recieve it before christmas though.
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    Protom1234 do you want this to be a random amount?
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    I will take this :) Just gimme some time :)
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    Kohle, thanks alot! But may I see what JordyPwner comes up with?
    Thanks for the help guys! I really do like your help!

    [EDIT]: Also, my server will not restart after I added Arivaia, I removed it all and still not restarting!
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    That's an interesting one... Is it cancelling the /stop preprocess?

    EDIT: I can't even find a plugin under the name Arivaia...
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

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    I do my best but i dont have alot of time to do it :/ due school ect.
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    timtower Here is the what console performs when a restrat happens:

    Neonix Thanks, I'll see if it works when the servers up!

    [EDIT]: CombatLog doesn't work with this plugin.

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  10. In what way?
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    It doesn't say the '[CombatLog] You are now in combat!' when I added the plugin. So I don't think it works together. That's fine though. I'll get another plugin.

    Also, I have another problem. In a none-pvp zone they can hit each other and still get gold and diamond. Could you make it so when you're in a none-pvp zones (WorldGuard) you can't get gold and diamonds, also, make sure it's not available for pvp deny and nothing else in the region.

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  12. You should of tagged me. I didn't see a single thing. I'll try
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    Also Neonix when someone hits OP'ed players them drop gold and diamond, also, when normal un-op'ed players hit each other they don't drop stuff? Could you fix this too?
  14. OP's have the permission node since OPs are OP. Add the permission to non ops.
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    Whats the permission please?
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