GodPowers [1.2.5-R4.0]

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    The plugin GodPowers is a small set of commands for OPs or people with a specific permission set.
    The commands are:

    /heal or /heal <player_name>
    /damage or /damage <player_name>
    /smite <player_name>
    /apocalypse <player_name>
    /givexp <player_name>
    /heal heals the player or specified player to full health.
    /damage damages the player or specified player for 5 hearts.
    /smite summons a lightning bolt at the specified player's location.
    /apocalypse raises zombies from the undead at the specified player's location.
    /givexp gives 10000 xp to the specified player.
    /army spawns an army of 10 iron golems at your location.
    The permission to have these powers is: player.has.GodPowers
    It is automatically set to true for OPs.
    DOWNLOAD: GodPowers.zip

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    There is a slight problem, the download link is not working for me.
    Edit: Works, tested the plugin and it's amazing ! Keep it up.
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    Thanks for the feedback!
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