Go to player's death point or go to last location before teleport

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by x86cam, Aug 3, 2012.

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    I need help, I have no clue how to do this.

    I want to make a command that goes to player's death point or last location before teleportation.

    Any people who know how to do this?

    This command is basically like Essentials' /back command.
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    You'll need to listen to the EntityDeathEvent, check if it's a player, and add that player/location to a HashMap. Then, on your command, get the location from your map based on the player using the command and teleport.
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    There is no getPlayer in EntityDeathEvent.

    Here is my code so far...
    2. @EventHandler
    3. public void getPlayerDeathLocation(EntityDeathEvent e)
    4. {
    5. if(e.getEntity() instanceof Player){
    6. getConfig().set("loc.death." + "((playerName))", e.getEntity().getLocation());
    7. }
    8. }

    Note that playerName is supposed to be getPlayer().getName(); or whatever
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    You really don't want to be putting these into the config like that. Just use a HashMap

    HashMap<Player, Location> deathLocations = new HashMap<Player, Location>();
    public void onEntityDeath(EntityDeathEvent event){
        if (event.getEntity() instanceof Player){
            Player player = (Player) event.getEntity();
            deathLocations.put(player, player.getLocation());
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    And just to extend what Malikk was saying, if you REALLY want to use some sort of file storage system, just save the HashMap to a file. If you don't know how, just use the official Bukkit Plugin Tutorial.
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    When I put everything together, the command says it was not found.
    I put it into plugin.yml
    I put getCommand("back").setExecutor(new commandBack());
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    ehh... Can we see that specific section of the plugin.yml, or the entire file? Also, it may help to put the commandBack class as well.
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