GetOwner() and SetOwner() on horse

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Ahrigumi, Jun 1, 2019.

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    Hi there!, so.. i was looking the documentation and i dont really understand, how the getOwner and setOwner works. Basically im doing a horse plugin and i want to make a command to set an owner to a tamed horse . I know how to check if a horse is tamed and more stuff.
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    @Ahrigumi I've never tried this before but after reading this:
    I'm thinking the owner is the one who tamed the horse, if it has an owner then it's tamed, if the owner is set to null, it'll be set as a wild horse.
    The 'setOwner' requires an 'AnimalTamer' and 'Player' implements 'AnimalTamer', so you should be able to set a player as the owner.
    The 'getOwner' returns an 'AnimalTamer', you should be able to check if it's instanceof 'Player' and then cast it to 'Player'.
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    Oh, thank you so much. Now i can understand better how works, i will try more later :D

    Edit: Fixed! thanks!
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