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    Hello bukkit coders,

    I want to save players health in a HashMap before clicking on a sign.

    HashMap<String, Double> playerHealth = new HashMap<String, Double>();
    playerHealth.put(p.getName(), p.getHealth());

    The method getHealth() is ambiguous for the Type Player.

    I used google, but I didn't find a solution.

    Any help for saving playersHealth in a HashMap?
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    Use bukkit instead of craftbukkit for your dependency.
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    You're using craftbukkit in your dependency. Download bukkit:
    Then go to your plugin project on Eclipse/Your IDE, right click, choose Properties, then go to Java Build Path, delete the craftbukkit one, add the bukkit one, and then add craftbukkit again
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    LCastr0 I'll try, but where's the difference between Bukkit & Craftbukkit?
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    A good post by desht that explains it quite well

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  7. mickedplay Sticky thread about this problem:

    One or two other threads about this problem:

    And those were just the ones I could be bothered to find. Net result, I don't think you really did search, or did so for less than 2 minutes, because I'm not some magical search wizard to be honest.
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