.getBlock(); not returning properly.

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by PurelySatanic, Mar 9, 2011.

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    I updated again. The .jar file is now applied to the recommended build rather than the latest dev build.
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    Captain Chaos

    It seems to fix my bug... ;)

    Have I earned my Plugin Developer badge yet? ;)
    (I'm Pepijn Schmitz by the way... Just realised that that's not at all obvious... ;))
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    @Raphfrk - Thank you both for this!

    Raph, I'm not using your jar (didn't see it til just now)- but I merged your/Captain's changes into whatever version I had locally, and so far so good! I have it up on my public server, if you want to test some more:


    I'm hoping to be on later...
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    The rule is that you have to release a plugin and have a few people use it. I thought that they did it when they created the release thread.

    Looking at the release thread, you are one of only about three thread starters in the first few pages, who don't have purple (or green) names. Whoever moved your thread to releases probably just forgot to add you to the group.

    You could PM one of the moderators about it.
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