get rid of 12 block limit for pistons

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by lohengrin77, Jul 22, 2011.

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    is there a way (plugin) that remove the 12 block limite of pistons? that would be great to make building pop from the ground.

    for now, i' have to rebuild the circruit every 3 floors...

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    Will see what I can do.
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    any news?
  4. this may use very much ram/memory on your server and make it to crach if overload the amount of blocks you whant to push, and amount of radius of buildings and things you actualy will push!
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    I got a request to this. :). For example, if you have a piston and want it to push more than 12 blocks, write /push 12-99 . To make a sticky piston pull harder, write /pull 3-99 .
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    What plugin do you use to make sticky pistons attract other pistons or something like that (or any other piston modifying plugin, please tell me).
    Or is it like every block of stone has a piston behind it (I can barely see that, or it's wood).
    If that's the case, I'd like to know how that castle works, since in my experience getting piston to pull down after 1.7 is quite the trouble.

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    maybe a limite can be added, i know there is a 1k limite in the movecraft plugin.

    btw, this plugin should only be use for moving big colums of blocks, like 1-40 columns of like 1-20 blocks , in one direction, step by step. that can use hige amount of ram would be mouving up and down every second like 1000 blocks.

    i need extreme housemoving, not a bouncy castle :)
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    Yes indeed, a plugin for this would be very nice.
    Also, could you answer my questions of my previous post? :p


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