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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Takato, Jan 14, 2011.

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    Alright so...

    I'm really new to this server hosting thing, and I recently got down the whole hmod commands and plugin junk to an extent and was happy, until the 1.2 update ( har har )

    but now knowing that hmod is being scrapped, I'm slowly migrating to Bukkit :)

    But I have a few issues :(
    A lot of the plugins require you to set permission etc, but I don't have a list of those text files and how they are named.

    Example :
    I had a file named users, where I could set groups, name color, commands. ( heck even a group txt file... but reading through the forums I noticed groups aren't yet implemented in bukkit )
    Even the server properties file had all the options already written, like whitelist, enable health,motd, etc etc.

    And I luckily got the chance to make a pluggin work... knowing how to set it up from hmod, but this apparently isn't the case for them all.

    Is anyone able to maybe list all the basics for me ?
    Even setting permissions for commands ( I know it has to be done for every user )
    but I don't know what that txt file has to be called, or what format is used.

    Any help is greatly appreciated !

    PS : keep up the good work with Bukkit, I hope to be amazed by it once it's finished ;)

    Just going to bump this once :( I'm sure many people would REALLY like a little help too D:

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    the permissions file comes with the plugin, jsut open it with notepad and type the users u want to have permit if that is what u mean
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