[GEN/TP/ADMN] CommandBook 1.7 - Essential and useful commands (/item, etc.) [BukkitDev]

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    General commands as used on my server since '10. Warping, item giving, time changing, weather changing -- the usual.

    Thor command, one of many (video by Rubenbeebl):

    Note: You can remove any of these commands from CommandBook using the download link below.
    • General:
      • item [-d] <item[:data]> [amount]
      • give [-d] <target> <item[:data]> [amount]
      • more [-a] [-i] <target>
      • online [filter]
      • motd
      • intro (play intro music)
      • midi (play a MIDI file for yourself)
      • rules
      • setspawn [destination]
      • time [world] <time>
      • weather <'stormy'|'sunny'> [duration] [world]
      • thunder <'on'|'off'> [duration] [world]
      • spawnmob [-p] [-d] [-i] [-r] <mob> [count] [location]
      • kit <kit> [target]
    • Teleportation:
      • spawn
      • tp [target] <destination>
      • bring <target>
      • put <target>
      • call <target> (request a teleport)
    • Messaging:
      • broadcast <message>
      • say <message>
      • me <message>
      • msg <target> <message...>
      • reply <message...>
      • mute <target>
      • unmute <target>
    • Player:
      • whereami
      • compass
      • clear [-a] [target]
      • slap [-s] [-h|-v] [-d] [target]
      • rocket [-s] [-h] [target]
      • barrage [-s] [target]
      • shock [-s] [target]
      • thor [target] (get Thor's hammer)
      • unthor [target] (revoke Thor's hammer)
      • whois [target]
    • Utilities:
      • ping
      • debug info
      • debug clock (very accurate server lag benchmark)
    • Bans:
      • kick <target> [reason...]
      • ban [-e] <target> [reason...]
      • unban <target> [reason...]
    Complimentary plugins:


    [​IMG] CommandBook 1.7
    Requirements: Java 6+, WorldEdit, Bukkit build 753+

    You need WorldEdit: Install WorldEdit. If you don't want WorldEdit, put WorldEdit.jar in the root folder of your server or in the plugins/CommandBook folder.​

    If you find CommandBook useful, [​IMG]

    How to Use

    Check out my server too!

    [​IMG] (CommandBook is open source!)
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    Curious question, I noticed bukkit released a new build yesterday (6-23), and I'm curious as to whether you'll be needing to update this plugin to reflect that or if the current CB version will be compatible.
    Thanks in advance for your time!

    **EDIT: I'm also wondering the same about your WorldEdit plugin (not that that's a given or anything)
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    No one seems to have asked any questions about rider functionality that I've seen... Can I see a working example of spawning a mob riding another mob?

    /spawnmob Chicken|Zombie 1 #target doesn't seem to work for me. :)

    (And I'm also wondering about compatibility with 928, since there's lots of teleporting in the plugin)
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    Desmond Leonard

    Like half of the commands work in permissions. It just says "you dont have permission" when I type it on the server.
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    If your in game and you type /help will it show you all the commands?
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    I used to use the 'general' plugin but i switched to this one becouse it looks a lot better. i'm having 3 problems though.
    1. button or pressure plate activated doors stay open for a minute. (i might have also seen some other redstone things act weird) This doesn't always happen though. Could it have something to do with locking time?
    2. "/item bonemeal" does not work. So i used "/item 351:15" The message "You've been given 1 Ink sac." pops up. I did however get the bonemeal but the message is incorrect.
    3. I really wanted the "/item bonemeal" command to work so i thought of adding bonemeal to the config.yml under 'item-names:'
        goldblock: 41
        ice: 79
        dshovel: 277
        dspade: 277
        dpick: 278
        dpickaxe: 278
        daxe: 279
        dsword: 276
        dhoe: 293
        goldingot: 266
        ironingot: 265
        bonemeal: 351:15
    This however won't work. It won't recognize id's with damage value's
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    Is this compatible with 928?
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    as far as I can tell it is, but I use a custom version, so I'm not 100% sure if it is or not.
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    mind putting /help into commandbook that autofills with current installed plugins? it would help a LOT.
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    @sk89q I can not use any of the characters äöü in my motd or rules. If I use them, cmdbook crashes. Could you please fix that cuz I'm from germany and we Germans often use äöü. Maybe you could add some more "extra-charakters" like âùíé or someting like that.
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    did the permission node for /compass change and the wiki not get updated?? I can't for the life of me get that to work other then with -'*'

    /pos works just as it should using the same node. But /compass gives a you don't have permission message.
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    What do you think about a command for on hit destroy(blocks)and unlimited items?:)
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    you can already get unlimited item stacks. i'm not sure if you can do it in 1 command, but I do it in 2.
    /i <ID#>
    then hold the item I just gave myself in my hand and then type
    /more -i
    the -i parameter gives me an infinite stack, which I believe is 255, but when the stack runs out it gives itself a full stack again and keeps on going.
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    /i <itemid> -1 should work.
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    YES! I wanted a message on my server!
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    I knew I was doing something wrong... I kept trying /i <id#> -i haha. now I know! thanks :)
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    how come when i use toomanyitems to get a item its really slow?
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    commandbook.spawn doesn't work D:

    No permissions work?
    - 'commandbook.spawn' - 'commandbook.who'

    D: don't work!

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    @Bannanas Mine have been working fine, but I'm on RB 928 currently, haven't gone to 935
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    Not working colours on this plugin.. in config file i edited into: ,,colored-names: true" and colours of all gruop are white..
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    With latest Permissions, Craftbukkit 860, latest CommandBook, commandbook.spawn permission doesn't work.

    Please help ASAP
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    Does any one know the correct command,syntax for spawning colored sheep? I tried for about 10min and couldn't figure it out.
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    the last time sk89q answered here was june 19. !
    maybe he didnt seen that the issuetracker is offline, i wrote a pm
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    Any one know how to see colored usernames in the online list?
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    I have used iChat in junction with Permissions to get colored names. Both work well (even on the latest build) if configured properly.
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    @NeatMonster do you mean for when you type in /who to get the list of players currently signed in? or when typing in chat like g2geo94 was talking about?
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    is there any way I can carry my user's warps and home points over from Essentials?
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    When I type /who, /list, etc.
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    I'm not sure if there's a way to do it. You can put a plugin request in the plugin request section of the forum if there isn't one already that does that. I don't play with the colors or prefixes at all personally, so I've no clue
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    REQUEST: separate permissions for teleporting/summoning normally and teleporting/summoning to people in a different world
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    is there any way to log commands ? possibly the /i or /give command , to control other admins/mods ?
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