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    is it compatible with 1.0.0 ?
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    GM for 1.0.0? <3

    How do I set up globalgroups.yml?.?
  3. GroupManager is working just fine. Most likely you don't have your chat plugin setup to apply the prefix/suffix.

    GM comes with a sample globalgroups.yml.
    Add any groups you want there. I like to keep permissions grouped by plugin in global.
    Then inherit the globalgroups in your world groups as you need (all shown in the default example setups).
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    When will it be updated for 1.0?
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    have any here experiensed that they can't place any lava or water? the people on my server can't place lava or water what may be the cause?
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    Check your permissions and settings. There are settings for allowing or denying the placement of lava and water by normal members. You must have it set to deny.

    I purposely set mine to deny so that only an OP or Moderator is allowed to place them. This cuts down on "accidents" and griefing and is very helpful.

    Are you able to place it yourself?
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    Beds aren't working, is it because I removed the spawn permission from my builders?
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    Hi I was wondering if essentials still had the tab coloured names they dont seem to be working for me with group manager.


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    can u add the option to change what type of NPC spawn from spawner by right click on it ?
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    When will Essentials Be Updating to the lastest edition of bukkit?
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    @vgamers tab coloured names work with the lasted builds, but the prefix has to be short because the tab list has a 16 character limit. If prefix + name + suffix are longer than 16 characters, we don't add prefix&suffix for that name on the tab list.

    @DaEgo /spawner command

    @Greedish Join Essentials Chat to get help.

    @lolydodo123 @WolfMast47 We will update it, when you start reading the first post or when craftbukkit releases a recommended build. Whatever comes last.

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    How can I make it were when ever a player joins they are automatically set to gamemode survival, so if someone does /gm to go to creative when they relog they will automatically be in survival instead of creative?
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    No, I'm mean groupmanager now is highly sensitivity
  14. sensitive how?
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    Is there anyway i can stop GM from flagging Citizen NPCs and moving them to a group? The server has a few npcs and everytime people login, GM will move the npc into a group spamming the screen
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    Hmm when i type suffix: '' (I forgot i leave a 5 - 10 space after '' so it error, thats make me thinking to reset my gm ... but i found it 'n' i stop thinking to reset my perm ahaha)
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    Can we use it for Miencraft 1.0.0 ? (With CB #1488)
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    I keep getting "Error: null" when typing /spawn; /help ect.
    This happened when I changed Group Manager config (I mean added afew groups and permissions)
    So I guess the only thing that can help me is resetting the whole essentials?
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    need a option to block /spawnmob enderdragon it's a map killer!
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    @Slugslug You can already block creatures in config
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    whats the enderdragon entry ? my config has not been updated to include it
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    OT: Would this work with lastest dev builds?
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    ragazzi chi mi aiuta ho la versione 1.0.0 รจ aggiornato essential? l'ho inserito nella cartella plgugin e ho modificato il file va tutto solamente che anche se provo a disattivare la tnt esplode lo stesso e fa danno alla mappa come disattivo la tnt e l'esplosione dei creeper e anche gli enderman che rubano help me!!

    guys who help me I have version 1.0.0 is updated essential? I put the folder and I changed the file plgugin all is only that even if I try to disable the TNT explodes and does damage to himself off the map as TNT and the explosion of creeper and even stealing enderman help me! !

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    How can I remove the world name from chat, which is now displayed before player names? In config, I don't have the world variable in format option. This happens after I updated to Essentials 2.6.5 (I'm using PEX)
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    Deactive it in Multiverse.
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    I download [1337] and I have Bukkit [1506], Works Fine.
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    Seems to work fine for me. One thing though, i like how motd and rules are in a txt file, but how do i get my rules to show on one page... it seems to stop around line 9

    Also how do i insert a blank line now... i used to use a &f or something but now it doesnt read it as blank.

    Ohh one more thing... whenever you guys get around to it, can you make /butcher kill the dragons... i dont let anybody but myself spawn them but they will destroy buildings if accidently spawned... like to be able to /butcher them

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    i accidently bound the tree to my hand so how do i unbound it?
  30. Butcher isn't an Essentials command.
    That sounds like a worldedit command, not Essentials.

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