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    Well god mode is resetting on me with each login. I just died! *faints*

    Srsly, though. If this is a change, I would like it changed back :D I'll search back in the posts to see if it was mentioned.
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    I want to make a user as a "Moderator" and therefore I wanted to give him the permission "essentials.ban" and "essentials.unban", but he says he cant use it.

    When I make him as a OP, he can do it, but he also can much much more commands, that dont stand in the permissions file. Thats not good!

    How can I solve this problem?
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    Making somebody OP makes him bypass permissions, are you sure you typed his name right (case-sensitive)?
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    Yes, I did!

    Because the functions "tp" and "kick" work well, but "ban" does not... :/


    "Ban" works, too...
    He wrote "bann" instead of "ban"... --.--
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    About Group Manager - I think it should be a different plugin. Most people use permissions and not Group Manager. I personaly use GM as it is easier to use and setup. Please keep the plugins coming :D
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    How can i disable commands like /mail , /tell, ??
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    You have an error in node, for the sign, not essentials.signs.use.heal but essentials.signs.heal.use, Not essentials.signs.use.free, but essentials.signs.free.use

    i Have sheared the node here : http://ess.khhq.net/wiki/Command_Reference
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    nice thx
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    ok my OPs have spotted a problem with pistons and [protection]

    if u place piston next to block that contains protection sign, the sign can be knocked off
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    Problem with the group manager, I edited and everything works perfectly, however, people cannot open chest. It works before, with all the same settings and such.
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    I think manselect might be broken. Can't edit user permissions/suffix,prefix/etc from other worlds. anyone else having this issue?
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    I cant use /fireball or /nuke but its in the essentials command reference. What am i missing? And im an op.
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    Jake Radcliff

    I love the plugin! Keep it up! However, I do like Essentials Group Manager. Don't stop making it!
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    Well out of the plugins you listed I have these working on my server atm:
    BigBrother, WorldGuard, iConomy5. In the past I have had NoCheat and had NO issues with that.
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    I'm not using Permissions, and just installed CellMod, which allows basic cell phones. Essentials says that I don't have permission to use the /cell command, but my Config has absolutely no restricted commands, and i'm an op.
    EDIT: Disabling GroupManager solved my problem.
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    I just updated my server to 1.7.2 (Bukkit Build #953) and all the old warps dont work. When I type "/warp blabla" then the message "Fehler: Ziel nicht gesetzt" (in english: Target not set") appears. Anyone a solution for this? :)
    New warps are working without problems^^
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    People respawn where they die since 2.4 is normal ? can we disable that ?
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    i hve a bugs with groupmanager,I can't records more 14 people otherwise ,groupmanager bugs
    Help me ,please
    PS:Sorry for bad english
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    Ever since i upgraded to 1.7 im the only one who can /time day. My op's cant anymore for some reason, they have proper permission to do so, and there's no other plugins that can do a time command. The consold registers the command, and doesnt say they get denied. Just nothing happens.

    What could the solution to this be.
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    seems that the essentials signs only work if the player has build: true in permissions, regardless of essentials.signs permission settings.

    i've got a separate map with a market where nobody other than myself is allowed to build (to keep it clean) - but sadly, nobody can use the signs there except me. if i grant build permissions, they work as expected.. but i don't want to grant build permission if it isn't absolutely neccessary.

    is there any chance this behavior could be changed / regulated via further permissions?
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    Will 2.4.2 bring Pistons, Sticky Pistons, and Shears to sign shops?
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    Where are the old download links? I need v2.3
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    MB Servers

    Can someone PM me a 'GUEST' group, where you can only talk and move around (not build
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    I'm a little concerned right now. Go with group manager or permissions? Im sorry there is SO MUCH to read in this thread. Did I miss that its going away?

    I've been using essentials but using it with out any type of permissions plugins, only what came in the standard essentials.

    Recently discovered some of our kids using commands like /unlimited /kit and /give to grant themselves all the goods. We want to prevent that so we're researching group manager now since its comes with essentials. Trying to keep the plugins list to a minimum to save time on future maintenance. But still make people play the game and not just grant themselves all the goods.

    I've setup groupmanager, and the bridge.

    How do people get into a group when they first login, or are already members? Do OPS/ADMINS need to manually add all existing members to the group manager YML files?

    Also, I tried testing last night, I did the manual add command, assuming I would find my name in the YML file for users under admin, but didnt see it there. In game it said I was added. Did I miss something there?
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    @ItsMeYaniv: That is NPCX having a problem.
    @ropng: As long as you save the file as utf8, it should work.
    @crysis992: We will hopefully fix this with the next release.
    @swehunter2000: Don't change the files while the server is running
    @SerhanP: Either using GM or Permissions or add the permission nodes to the restricted commands
    @StefanG: Signing a petition won't help. We need more developers.
    @Burns1: IRCTransport is having a problem
    @BluePotato1994: One of your user files has a saved inventory. Manually remove it.
    @Bronksi: You are using WorldGuards God-Mode
    @Casier: Yes, the wiki is already updated for the dev build.
    @Slugslug: We can't do anything against that at the moment. Bukkit does not have Piston events yet.
    @yaitsbilly: They are not released yet. They are only in the dev build.
    @ReaZaaa: We'll investigate this.
    @maxi1134: No, that is not normal.
    @Stevanov: Add essentials.time.world permission
    @Amadox: The build permission won't allow any use. Maybe try WorldGuard for protecting your market.
    @Chasingu: Remove items.csv and let Essentials create an updated one.
    @Yoshinat0r: http://earth2me.net:8002/viewLog.html?guest=1&buildId=1790&tab=artifacts&buildTypeId=bt22
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    MB Servers

    How to block/zone protect? PM me
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    Thanks for the tip to reload.
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    I have currently /setspawn in my server. Although new players keep spawning at "newbies" because of the configuration file.

    How do I change this? Like I know to rename but rename it to what?
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    I would like to know how to do this too if there is an issue. Currently using PlgSetspawn but want to consolidate plugins, and if I can use mainly all Essentials plugins package I would prefer this for right now.
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