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    fugue2005: essential's.. essentials and bukkit version?
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    Dont remove group manager pleeeaaaasssseeeee:(
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    17:46:42 [WARNING] Task of 'Essentials' generated an exception
    java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Listener already listening
    at net.minecraft.server.Container.a(SourceFile:28)
    at net.minecraft.server.EntityPlayer.syncInventory(EntityPlayer.java:70)

    at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.entity.CraftPlayer.updateInventory(CraftPlayer
    at com.earth2me.essentials.PlayerWrapper.updateInventory(PlayerWrapper.j
    at com.earth2me.essentials.EssentialsBlockListener$1.run(EssentialsBlock
    at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.scheduler.CraftScheduler.mainThreadHeartbeat(C
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.h(MinecraftServer.java:384)
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.run(MinecraftServer.java:308)
    at net.minecraft.server.ThreadServerApplication.run(SourceFile:422)

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    Got some strange problems with Essentials and Permissions (both newest)
    Using sql:
    essentials.lwc.protect - working
    essentials.sethome etc etc etc - aren't working
    --> User cant use command /home etc, but can use /lwc ....
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    Yeah isn't there a way to use an ingame command to back up the game? I see this in the config file:

    # Backup runs a command while saving is disabled
    # Interval in minutes
    interval: 60
    # Add a command that backups your data, e.g.
    # command: 'rdiff-backup World1 backups/World1'

    I am I am not mistaken?


    Also is anyone else using essentials on 815? The /sell command does not give us money(it takes away the items though), and every time we (my server) uses the sell, item, or give command we get this error:

    Error:Listener already Listening

    Is it bad? Or can we continue to use these commands? the item and give commands still give us the items we want too :D sell is the only thing we do not get any money for compensation
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    Just as a heads up to anyone, i downloaded the snapshot jar for 816 build and Essentials 2.2 works just fine on it. Didnt even get that listener error.
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    On essentials 2.2, and the kits have an extra day along with the seconds a add to them. In my config i have it at 720 seconds, but in game it is 1 day and 720 seconds. Help?
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    Yeah he is right, everything is running smooth for me other than multiworld/verse (two of my members are stuck in the nether lol)
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    Good news!
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    I just want to be able to use Myhome & Mywarp again.... anyway we can get a release that can let that happen?!?!
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    crucifex: known and will not effect ingame.

    mojomanangment: theres is no essentials.lwc.protect nor /lwc command

    vfren_fren: backup should work.. and listener error shouldnt effect the money, check /balance

    master_queef: known

    craftopia.net: 2.3 fixes this.

    il do more experiments on 1.6.6 to see if listener error still happens
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    Hey i need some help i dont really know where the link for 2.3 is but if its not out can some 1 help me im geting a
    error saying my GroupManager is out of data
    Im also geting that listener errer u all are talking about and im geting internal errers two what do i do?
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    kazer101: means your groupmananger config is wrongly setup
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    Let us get our hands on 2.3 then! I cant find a link to it anywhere....
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    Hi all, first time Admin trying to set up a private server for some friends. Got everything running without errors. But when I try to specify permissions for Essentials they don't seem to be recognized by the server. But an all commands "- '*' " permission for my Admin group works fine. Which is a problem since I want default users to be able to access some of the Essentials commands but not all. So any suggestions?

    If it helps I'm running:


    Thanks ahead of time for any help. Really psyched about using this Plugin on my server.
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    Me neither, is it not publicly released yet?
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    Boris Rybalov

    Did you get the new bukkit (1.6.6)

    Because this plugin doesnt work for 1.6.6 YET!

    but it will with v.2.3
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    v2.3 is a Dev build still. I'm guessing it'll be public soon since the recommended build of bukkit just came out.
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    Aye, thar be my problem. Thanks for the help Boris I'll just wait for 2.3.
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    Boris Rybalov

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    It seems that if you really want the dev version you can go to the live chat and type '+devb' and it will download the dev build for you. I'd highly recommend waiting, or at least backing up everything on the server. Especially when using a dev build of anything.
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    I went to their chatroom and found a link to their dev build there.

    have not had any issues since :)
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    I want to ask does this plug-in have a back-up command?
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    Any news on the fate of Group Manager? If it's still under consideratin, my $0.02 is to keep it in, I am used to it and like it and don't relish learning Permmissions. This is not a good reason from a code perspective I know.
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    ok i hate this plugin now we have to imput our own help!. il just move to something else if iwe get nothing to work off
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    Get over yourself, Essentials is a fantastic plugin and he releases it for free, stop whining.
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    vfern-fern: no.

    gaz492: do you even know bug testing is? stuff dont just work right away, you know.

    groupmananger is not removed yet, and when the devs will decide to remove it, youll get a warning.the state of permissions is not complete enough to drop GM support.
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    essentials is easier to use then permissions, if you can't manage to do little, don't use any plugins at all!
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    My little input regarding switching to Permissions;

    I've always preferred Permissions for some reason, so yes, we've had Essentials only use the ops.txt for quite some time now. A bit confusing at times, but it works. I'd love to see you support Permissions in the future.

    Thank you for this collection of plugins!

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