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    can some one plz help i cant seam to get to many items working when i spawn something with tmi it says specified
    enchantment cannot be applied to this itemstack im running minecraft 1.1
    and all the plugins and server are up to date i only use this server to play with my little brothers
    so any help would be great

    "ok never mind i ws able to get it to work sorry for wasting everyons time"

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    Whenever I try to color a sign, the word after it is '?!'.
    Any solutions?
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    As a Builder I always get large amount of errors in the server log each time a user uses the chat.
    Is it a missing permission? or?
    No errors while running commands.

    Don't have access to the server log at this time but will post it when I come home from work.

    Essentials v2.8.2
    Craftbukkit R4
    Minecraft Server 1.1

    Best Regards
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    Missing weather - Rain
    Also /lightning is pretty unrealistic.. It takes HP twice/three times, doesn't convert zombies into pig zombies.
  5. when does essentials update for R5 come??
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    maybe when R5 is released? It's still not the recommended build..
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    Needs to be updated bukkit is updated Need essentials its my servers feet :p
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    Yes we need a Update! :(
    Without Essentials and EssentialsGroupManager my Server is offline :(
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    Mind telling me the ip to your server ?
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    Question.. I backed up my server then created kits for TNT and removed all the server protections so my players could go around killing each other, griefing to their hearts content and generally have a blast ;) I wanted to also give all players rights to do /remove items ### to help combat the lag created by the TNT dropping all those items. I went to the "Peasant" class, the lowest class on my server and top of the inheritance chain and added essentials.remove. Didn't work. Tried essentials.remove.*, didn't work. Tried essentials.* and it still failed.

    What do I need to do to give out /remove? Thanks!
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    Really like this plugin, one of the most useful.
    Really hope you're going to update to 1.2.2 =D
    Take your time
    / P.E
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    Could anyone help me with Essentials and PermissionsEx because i'm trying to get Essentials to follow the permissions of PermissionsEx for some reason. Essentials won't listen to permission nodes, Please and Thank You!
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    Cronos Dage

    I think BeastNode fixes this for 1.2.2. Yay!
  16. IS this updated

    Is this updated to 1.2.2

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  17. hey can i get 1.2 update? thanks! you guys are doing a Amazing job!
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    Great Update :D
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    anyone having sign problems with the updated version?
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    You have to enable the signs in the new config file.
    The dev builds will work, but are still unstable. Bukkit and Minecraft need to fix their bugs before we can properly update.
    Cronos Dage how?
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    new config? did they change it
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    yes, we changed the config in 2.7 and then again in 2.8
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    Why is the website down?
    I need the permission nodes :/
    Man Help?
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    thanks I was using the old config file. time to look at what else i missed
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    Hello i was wondering when you guys are gonna update to all togather , bukkit 1.2.2 craftbukkit 1.2.2
    and minecraft 1.2.2. Right now when i load these plugins i get An Interal Error Had Occured.
    If you dont know then can sombody please tell me when the Next recomended version of bukkit 1.2.2 is gonna be relsed cause i can not opporate my server with out this.

    Thanks, Pyroman6969
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    Wheres 2.9?

    For Essentials (Like Me :) ) you will need to get the version 2.9 in order for bukkit to work. Many plugins havent updated to 1.2.2 .

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    Hey, Mind sending me the link to the 2.9 Download Link?
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    tiny.cc Isn't Working :(
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    i love this plugin

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