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    [tnt] Advanced Bans - more control [tnt]
    Version: 0.4

    More advanced control ban. Allows temporary bans, bans once the nickname and IP and ban reasons.

    • Ban player
    • Unban player
    • Temporary bans (in minutes)
    • Reasons for the ban
    • Left time for unban in kick reason
    • "Welcome back" message (after unban)
    • Ban both nickname and IP (good for offline servers)
    • Permissions or OP
    • Console support
    • Configuration!
    • Lightweight
    • IP History (ban offline player on ip) (only MySQL Support for now) New

    • /bann <nick> [time in minutes] [reason...] - ban player (if player is offline, plugin will use ip history) (example: /bann kyku 15 Spam)
    • /unbann <nick> - unban player (example: /unbann kyku)
    • /bannip <ip address> [time in minutes] [reason...] - ban player on ip AND NAME (it use ip history) (example: /bannip 60 Spam)
    • /unbannip <ip address> - unbanip player (example: /unbann
    • /kickk <nick> [reason] - kick player (example: /kickk kyku spam)
    * /bann or /ban depending on the choice


    Code (Text):
    2. Advanced Bans:
    3.     Strings:
    4.         Unban broadcast: '&RED;Admin: &ANAME; unban &TNAME;.'
    5.         Kick:
    6.             broadcast: '&RED;Admin: &ANAME; kicked &TNAME;. Reason:&REASON;.'
    7.             kickmsg: '&RED;You have been kicked! Reason:&REASON;.'
    8.         Ban:
    9.             t+r-broadcast: '&RED;Admin: &ANAME; has banned &TNAME; for &TIME;min.
    10.                 Reason:&REASON;.'
    11.             perm-kickmsg: '&RED;You have been banned from this server.'
    12.             only time-broadcast: '&RED;Admin: &ANAME; has banned &TNAME; for &TIME;min.'
    13.             only time-kickmsg: '&RED;Banned for &TIME; min.'
    14.             t+r-kickmsg: '&RED;Banned for &TIME;min. Reason:&REASON;.'
    15.             perm-broadcast: '&RED;Admin: &ANAME; has banned &TNAME;.'
    16.         Join:
    17.             Banned reason-left: '&RED;Banned! Reason:&REASON; (Left: &LEFT;min.)'
    18.             Welcome msg: '&GREEN;You have been unbanned. Welcome back!'
    19.             Banned IP: '&RED;Your IP has been banned.&WHITE; Do not change nickname!'
    20.             Banned reason: '&RED;You have been banned from this server. Reason:&REASON;.'
    21.         Standard reason: ' None'
    22.         Error:
    23.             No access: '&RED;You don''t have permissions'
    24.             Player is offline: '&RED;This player is offline'
    25.     MySQL:
    26.         Use: false
    27.         User: username
    28.         Port: 3306
    29.         Host: localhost
    30.         Database: minecraft
    31.         Password: password
    32.         table: ab_list
    33.         table history: ab_history
    34.     Settings:
    35.         Ban nickname + IP: true
    36.         Welcome message: true
    37.         Broadcast kick msg: true
    38.         Broadcast ban msg: true
    39.         Use IP history: true
    40.         Broadcast unban msg: true
    Permissions - advbans.<command>

    • advbans.bann - allow use /bann <nick> [time] [reason]
    • advbans.bannip - allow use /bannip <IP ADDRESS> [time] [reason]
    • advbans.unbannip -allow use /unbannip <IP ADDRESS>
    • advbans.unbann - allow use /unbann <nick>
    • advbans.kickk - allow use /kickk <nick> [reason]
    or (if you use an alternative plugin)
    • advbans.ban - allow use /bann <nick> [time] [reason]
    • advbans.banip - allow use /bannip <IP ADDRESS> [time] [reason]
    • advbans.unbanip -allow use /unbannip <IP ADDRESS>
    • advbans.unban - allow use /unbann <nick>
    • advbans.kick - allow use /kickk <nick> [reason]

    • ban offline player
    • banip / unbanip
    • configuration
    • logs
    • web panel + banlist
    • MySQL
    • command kick

    Show Spoiler




    MySQL Connector (Put in base folder, where craftbukkit)
    Advanced Bans v0.4 (CB: 766-798) - New (Commands: /bann, /bannip, /kickk, /unbann, unbannip)
    Advanced Bans v0.4 (2) (CB: 766-798) - New (Commands: /ban, /banip, /kick, /unban, unbanip)

    Advanced Bans v0.3 (CB: 766)

    Source code in jar (v0.4+)..


    Version 0.4:
    • MySQL
    • IP History (Only MySQL support!)
    • New commands: /bannip, /unbannip (Only MySQL support!)
    • Fixed some bugs
    Version 0.3:

    • Configuration!
    • Ban offline players work
    • Kick command
    • Logs
    • Fixed some bugs
    Version 0.2-beta:

    • Fixed some bugs
    Version 0.1-beta:

    • Initial release
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    Is it possible to perm ban ?

    BTW: If I type /bann <nick> it will ban NICK + IP automatically ? (if so, this plugin r0x)
  3. MySQL support would be awesome =)
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    Cool plugin, can you put kicking in this too?
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    I believe this is the exact same thing essentials has.
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    Essentials doesn't have Welcome Back or temporary.
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    We have temp bans
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    added to the TODO list

    /bann nick 0 reason, /bann nick 0 or /bann nick - ban NICK + IP automatically (perm)

    ok, this will be in 0.3

    BIG UPDATE (0.3)

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    I know its a big thing to ask, but... could you expand this to something like simpleban plugin?
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    we will see :D
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    KiwiAdmin 2.0 it's Better
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    changelog has to be at the end
    version ranges are to be used only when needed and there is no tilde allowed.
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    The title version should be a recommended one only...
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    Tfs Halo

    exactly what i want because simpleban is inactive :p and i saw this and was like '':O yay''
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    This plugin is Awesome. We are using this instead of 'jail' and works like a charm.

    BTW: It seens that on HIGH LOAD servers, the timer counter runs slower (i.e: a 10 minutes ban turns into a 30 minutes ban). Many other plugins had this kind of issue with hight load servers (i.e: proPertime).
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    thanks, but you are wrong. This plugin use unix timestamp, not timer counter.

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    You're right.

    After a few more tests we confirmed: the delay is OK :)
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    Hey, what's the colour codes (e.g. &RED = red)?
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    Code (Text):
    1. &AQUA;
    2. &BLACK;
    3. &BLUE;
    4. &DARK_AQUA;
    5. &DARK_BLUE;
    6. &DARK_GRAY;
    7. &DARK_GREEN;
    8. &DARK_PURPLE;
    9. &DARK_RED;
    10. &GOLD;
    11. &GRAY;
    12. &GREEN;
    13. &LIGHT_PURPLE;
    14. &RED;
    15. &WHITE;
    16. &YELLOW;
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    I will banning not time .
    /bann User Reason
    This functional not .

    My English is Bad sorry .
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    dude, thanks :D
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    MySQL support would be awesome! That way I could make a page like bans.php for people to see why they were banned, etc...

    Does this plugin use banned-players.txt?

    Quote me or @ me when you reply so I get a notification, please.

    Also, can you make it where it's just /ban and not /bann, and if there's another plugin with /ban it over-rides it?

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    Now you can use /bann User 0 Reason, but in future i'll add this feature (maybee next version)

    I will release next version tomorrow.
    Plans: new commands /bannip, /unbannip, MySQL (+php script), SQLITE (i'm not sure) and alternative plugin (with /ban, /unban, etc.)
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    Cool thanks!
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    Where's the new version?
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    Would be awesome if you took the time to turn this into a simplebans kind of thing. Works good though!

    Actually, what would make this plugin a lot better is to log the IP's of the players. That way even if they are offline you could do /bann player24 and it would ban the IP too. I really hope you add this feature.

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    Sorry for this delay but i was too busy.

    this is what I did :p

    Advanced bans v0.4 is out
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    I would like to request a range ban option, something like /bann 192.168.*.*

    It would be incredible usefull for offline mode servers, as many people have dynamic ips. It would also be incredible usefull if you want to restrict your server to a country only.
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    Thank you good sir :) This is just what i was lookin for!

    This feature would be epic, i hope you add this too!

    Note though, anon if you are using a home machine, just use peerblock to do that. It's what i used to do when my server was in its early stages.

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